Pancreatic Cancer Awareness - Nail Art Challenge Roundup

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

This month I have taken part in the #pcanovember16 nail art challenge over on Instagram, organised by Debbie (@ladyandthe_stamp) and Jayne (@starryeyed83). Pancreatic Cancer is something with has tragically touched both their lives and when they announced that they would be running this challenge, I immediately wanted to take part.

As with most cancer awareness causes, Pancreatic cancer has a symbolic colour (purple) and the brief was simple, follow the prompts and use purple in the designs.

Today I am showing off my final design for this challenge - 'Glitter'. Now as I have used all Barry M nail paints for my previous designs, I knew there was only one purple glitter that would do the job for this prompt, the gorgeous Fashion Icon from the Glitterati collection (see my review here - but remember it's an oldie!).

This stunning glitter has a duochrome base that shifts from a stunning pinky-purple to a deep violet. The glitter is holo crazy and the combination of the both is something I'd usually expect to see from an indie company. The only issue is the formula, which is very thin and so requires multiple (ahem 4) coats to build up to a lovely opacity. I created an accent nail using Barry M Prickly Pear (part of the original Gelly Hi-Shine lineup) and then drew on a tiny glittery ribbon.

I wanted to keep this design simple and let the glitter shine (sparkle and shimmer) as a lot of my other designs have been a little more detailed.

Although this challenge involved only 5 prompts, it was so fun to do and I was glad to help fill the feeds of Instagram with purple nail art and bring the attention of some to this dreadful disease.

Which design is your favourite? I think mine is the flowers, they took ages and I love the finished look.

Vicky xx


  1. I love all of these, they're gorgeous manis but I especially love the feathers.
    Sam xx
    The Nail & Beauty Files

    1. Thank you Sam, I loved the feathers too, they were so fun to do & I was pleased with how they turned out xx

  2. All of your purple nails are lovely - but yes, those flowers steal the show!! So much talent in you!! Love that last collage - you have such an eye for these and your product shots!! :)

    I think I'm finally caught up -- sorry for the comment spam today, but I figure hits, reads, comments -- all of them count even if late, right?! Kisses.... Kim

    1. Of course I don't mind, it's so kind of you to take the time to comment and click though my blog.
      I'm glad you liked the flower manis too, they were so fun to do xx


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