Meebox November 2016 - All That Glitters

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Another month and another late Meebox review. As anyone who gets a Meebox will know, they arrive toward the end of the month, which for me means it gets opened and then promptly forgotten. It's also been a bit of a difficult start to December for me. I won't go into details but I'm not very happy/well so my blog is taking a back seat while I sort myself out.

Anyway, onto more sparkly and nail related business. The 'All That Glitters' box was Meebox's November edition and the theme fit perfectly with the events of last month (fireworks, bonfire night, Christmas light switch ons and people decking their homes with tons of fairy lights). Yes I was very excited, especially after last months box (see my review of the Sugar Skulls box here), however my excitment didn't last long ...

After the initial excitement of opening the box, I became a little deflated. I don't why as the polishes are gorgeous, and the extras are pretty enough, I just think my expectations are sky high.

In this box are 3 glittery masterpieces from some really lovely brands;

Little Ondine - Rumba (RRP £11)
This polish is a gorgeous glitter topper filled with gold, red and purple glitters of all shapes and sizes. Although I wore this on it's own, it'd look so much better over another colour. I just couldn't be bothered to swatch this again (meh!).

As well as being made form all natural ingredients, the best thing about Little Ondine is the fact they're peelable, which makes removal a breeze (excuse the unfocused picture below, I wanted to show you how amazing the peelable glitter is). I applied 2 coats and topcoat for the swatch.

Floss Gloss - Dimepiece (RRP £7.50)
This polish is a silver holo stunner. I applied 3 coats, no topcoat for the swatch. The downside to this polish is the fact there's hardly any in the bottle (a measley 5.5ml) and with it requiring 3 coats per nail, you won't get many uses out of one pricey bottle.

A England - Crown of Thistles (RRP £11)
This is the least glittery polish out of the 3, but it is probably the most beautiful. This colour shifts between pink and violet and has a shimmer (which I think is holo, but doesn't look holo in my bottle). I needed only 2 coats and applied a topcoat to bring out the sparkle a little more.

NAIO - Aqua Cracked Ice Mylar (RRP £1.10)
This is such a brilliant product and the turquoise shard glitters are so soft and easy to use. I tried using this in some nail art but the result was a total fail. However I'm sure some inspiration will hit, especially with it being the winter and all, and I'll find the perfect way to use this.

Meebox - Holo Paper (RRP £2)
This multichrome glass paper looks so pretty, however when I took it out the bag to have a play with it, I realised this was probably a little thick to use in large pieces (which totally ruined my nail art idea). I'm sure it would look good cut up and used in a glass effect mani (although I have to admit to not loving that look) so I need to get the brain thinking on how else I can use this.

There we are, although I like the polishes in this box, I'm still feeling a little underwhelmed. Oh well, it's probably indicative of my current state of mind. I will reflect on this box in a few months and no doubt love it.

This box cost me £20 and if you're interested in getting a subscription, head over to the Meebox website. Decembers box is called 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' and I'm really excited to see what Wizard of Oz goodies they have. I'm hoping they'll be some charms, maybe a stamping plate and lots of red/yellow and green polishes.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, do you love this box or feel a little blah about it like I do? If I feel that way about next months box, I will cancel my subscription and save my pennies for something else.

Vicky xx


  1. I've just cancelled my sub (for the second time!) as I'm just not feeling the themes they have. I liked the peelable glitter this month, the other two I haven't tried yet. And I've no idea what to do with the other bits! I think I'd rather spend £20 on something I really want, rather than some ok stuff that I quickly forget about.
    Hope everything picks up for you soon x

    1. I also finally cancelled after the epic Christmas box, I know the boxes are good value for money, but like you, I'd rather spend the money on myself.
      I'll keep an eye of the boxes this year, no doubt they'll be amazing! Haha, it's always my luck!
      Vicky xx

  2. I love that purple on you!! Hope you're feeling OK hun xx

    1. Thank you, I'm good, it's all good xx


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