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Thursday, 29 December 2016

Christmas has officially been packed away in my house and I am loving the clean and decluttered look our flat seems to have taken on. I always get the decs down in time for New Years as I love starting January with a fresh mind and a clear home.

Back at the start of November I picked up 3 of the 5 Models Own Holochrome polishes. I swatched them there and then but decided to wait until the Thanksgiving sale to pick up the other 2 and post my review. However for some reason there was an issue with the delivery of my items and it took 3 weeks for my parcel to arrive (Models Own customer service were amazing, they just maybe need to change couriers). 

By then, as you can imagine, I was a little unenthusiastic about swatching the other colours and so they've sat on my desk gathering dust. That was until I spotted them today and suddenly got the urge to get them swatched I really couldn't let the year end without getting this post up as these polishes are stunning (I love a duochrome) so this is what I have for you today.

The formula of these is exactly what you'd expect from a duochrome, the polish seems thin but it builds up in 2 coats and really benefits from a topcoat, the extra shine makes the shift seem 10 times more incredible.

Chameleon is a emerald to pale green duochrome.

Irised is a golden brown to burgundy duochrome that is by far my fave from the lot.

Nacreous is a stunning pink to purple duochrome.

Polychromatic has a beautiful blue to turquoise duochrome shift.

Prismatic has a golden green to yellow gold duochrome and is the least effective shift of the 5.

As I said above, my favourite is Irised, but Nacreous and Polychromatic are both close seconds. I am a complete sucker for duochromes and although these are way off the mark in terms of polish trends, I hope Models Own release some of the more exotic duochromes soon (fingers crossed they even roam into the multichome region, that would be something special).

If you're interested in picking these Holochrome polishes up, you can buy them from Bottleshops and online from the Models Own website for £4.99 each.
(*there is currently a sale going on and these are priced at £3.49 - accurate as of the 29.12.16).

Let me know your favourite, are you a fan of duochromes?

Vicky xx


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