My Christmas 2016

Monday, 26 December 2016

As I did with my Birthday back in July (see my post here), I wanted to write up a post on my Christmas time so that in years to come I can look back and read all about it. I apologise if this isn't interesting to you (however stick around as there will be plenty more exciting nail posts coming very soon) if it is, read on.

Christmas Eve
I was awoken with a cup of tea, my advent calendars and some biscuits in bed. Then my fiancé and I snuggled up and watched The Muppets Christmas Carol (a tradition as we love singing 'only one more sleep til Christmas' when it's actually only 1 sleep to go).

 After we popped out for a walk and grabbed some lunch in the local tea rooms. I went for a very yummy festive baguette which came with roast potatoes and it was very delicious.

In the afternoon we watched more Christmas Tv and then I finished wrapping gifts (just the ribbons and tags) before setting up the stockings and heading for a cosy, candle lit bedtime.

Christmas Day
This year it was just me and my fiancé (it usually is, we like it that way for the day itself) and although he was up at 5am like an excited child, I slept in until 8.15am.

After making a cuppa and giving the cats some cuddles, we sat down and swapped our gifts. We opened our stockings first and then opened the other gifts one by one. I was over the moon with everything that I received. I am seriously one very lucky lady. 

Then we ate some yummy breakfast, we opted for croissants and I ate mine with a shovelful of Nutella.

We then continued opening all the gifts we received from our families. My Sister and her family made up some gorgeous crates for both of us and they were jam packed full of loads of beautiful gifts (top 2 photos).
My mum always gives us individual presents and then joint ones (bottom photos). This is so lovely and I honestly can't fathom how she manages to make them all so personal and perfect, she must have super powers.

The rest of my family and Jamie's family (some not pictured as we saw them on Boxing Day) gave us some lovely bits and lots of 'meal out' and 'cinema' gift cards. I was honestly so blown away with the generosity and am so grateful for every single thing that was picked out for me/us. Thank you so much.

After the present opening I went and got dressed (we wore matching Christmas jumpers this year) and then helped clear away gifts, rang around family and prepped the dinner. This year we had a delicious roast chicken with all the trimmings and it tasted like heaven. 

Christmas lunch and gifts for Coco and Flicker, they had the best time with this paper!

In the afternoon I had a little nap before some of our friends dropped by for a drink while Harry Potter was on. We also watched It's A Wonderful Life and as usual I cried so much, the moral of that story is so touching and there really is no better time than Christmas to remember that it's the things we do that count.

In the evening I popped on my new Pj's and slippers, grabbed some leftovers and snuggled up to watch Spectre. We then headed to bed and before falling asleep, we chatted through the day and as I reflected on everything I realised just how blessed I was. I gave out lots of 'thank yous' and kisses to my family before drifting off.

Boxing Day
We hosted a small buffet for some of my fiancé's family and it was really lovely putting on a spread, exchanging more gifts and playing some games.

Christmas 2016 was the best yet. I had so much fun in the lead up (we hosted a party, went late night shopping, visited family, had our traditional BSO 'Last Night At The Christmas Proms' concert and many other small but magical moments). The only downside was the fact I was still not well, I won't go into details but I really hope that soon I can brush this part of my life behind me and move on to more amazing things.

Let me know how your Christmas went and what your fave gift was. Also leave any links below to posts about your Christmas celebrations.

Am I the only one that is already planning for next year? Only 363 sleeps to go! :)

Vicky xx


  1. I enjoyed the post! You have such a fun way of writing about it all. And you two look sooo cute in your matching jumpers! I'm sorry you're not feeling well...I too hope it passes soon and that a fabulous New Year is in store for you!! <3

    1. Thank you so much Kim, I hope you have an amazing 2017 too xx


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