The Christmas Tag - Part 2

Sunday, 18 December 2016

So as it's a week to go until the big day, I thought I'd post the second installment of The Christmas Tag (well my version anyway). Please don't forget to check out the first post here, I talked about my favourite Christmas movies and where I'd like to spend my dream Christmas (hint it's Potter related).

Anyway today I have 10 more questions that are slightly more personal and probably a lot let interesting for you all (haha sorry, not sorry).

Before we get stuck in I hope you all enjoyed Christmas Jumper Day on Friday 16th. Here's a quick shot of my Christmas Jumper collection this year. Most are Primark, one is ebay and another is a vintage charity shop find.  

11. What is your all time favourite Christmas food?
I love all food and at Christmas there is so much of everything, however I would have to say I love buffet food the best. There's something so exciting about filling your plate with lots of different nibbly bits. Some of my faves are sausage rolls, crisps, breaded cheese, roast potatoes, dips and cheese (my mouth is totally watering now).

12. What is your all time favourite Christmas sweet treat?
I love peppermint bark (see my candy cane post here) but I also love all the tubs/boxes of chocolates that are around at this time of year. Roses, Quality Street & Throntons are my ultimate faves.

13. What's on your Christmas dinner plate?
I know everyone has their preference and family traditions when it comes to Christmas dinner but for me it's usually roast chicken, roast potatoes, roast carrots, roast parsnips, cauliflower cheese, stuffing, pigs in blankets & gravy. I can not wait to eat Christmas Dinner this year.

14. Be honest, do you like giving or receiving gifts better?
I love love love shopping for gifts and I adore giving them, especially at Christmas. I put so much thought and care into picking out and wrapping presents and get super excited when I hand them over. But let's be honest, I also love getting them, who doesn't.

15. What's the best Christmas gift you've ever received?
I've had so many amazing gifts over the years so narrowing it down is very difficult, I'd also hate to upset anyone who's ever given me a gift, because I'm always so appreciative of my gifts. However one that came to mind immediately was the first Christmas I was with my fiancé, he made me a photo book of all our pictures from that year. I remember opening it and feeling so emotional at the thought, time and care that he had put into making this present.

16. Are you a pro present wrapper or do you fail miserably?
I love wrapping gifts but I wouldn't say I'm a pro wrapper. Sometimes I have floppy corners and use far too much tape ... after all I'm not Briony (anyone who gets that reference comment below), but I like the process and hope my efforts are a little appreciated. My mum actually went on a wrapping course one year and since then I've been inspired to up my game after seeing her beautifully wrapped gifts.

17. What makes Christmas special for you?
I know it's a little corny but my family and friends make Christmas special for me. My mum and dad always made a massive deal over Christmas when I was growing up & there was never a year I wasn't awed by the magic they injected into the festive period. Now I'm older, my parents are still spreading the magic, but I'm holding my own & love doing anything festive in the lead up to Christmas to help spread the cheer to my friends & family.

18. Most memorable Christmas moment?
My most memorable Christmas moment is a double memory. First the year I met my fiancé, we met on the 23rd of December and the year after on the 23rd he proposed. 11 years later and we're just thinking about setting the date, no need to rush these things.

19. What made you realise the truth about Santa?
I discovered Santa wasn't real the first year I was at boarding school. I was lying in bed, in my dorm and everyone was talking about when they found out & I remember laying there thinking that they must be wrong. A quick conversation with my mum the next day revealed they weren't - very sad times. I'm a massive believer in letting your children believe in Santa, that first Christmas I knew felt very odd but of course I still kinda believe ...

20. Do you make New Years resolutions & do you stick to them?
Yes and usually by a quarter of the way through the year they've bit the dust. So this year I am setting myself monthly goals and longer term goals in the hope that it helps keep me focused a little more. For example I really want to improve my 'card giving' this year so at the beginning of each month I plan to sit down, write the cards and post them, hopefully avoiding missing any occasions.
For the second year running I have a Happiness Planner and this really helps me, I'd highly recommend one if you're looking for a way to kick start your best self in 2017.

So there we have it, I hope you've enjoyed reading a little more about my Christmas faves, traditions and memories. I know for me the whole lead up and prep to Christmas is just as exciting as the day itself. Only 7 sleeps and I can't wait.

For now I'll wish you a Merry Christmas and Glad Tidings and hope you all have a very fun and safe day,

Vicky xx


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