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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

PR Sample

How's your week going? With all this freezing fog and the arctic chill, I've been struggling to get any motivation to leave my house at all. It's a dangerous world out in the fog, the horns of the ships on the Solent sound very eerie, people look like zombies as they emerge through the gloom (so scary) and the cold seeps into your bones whenever you step outside. I popped out for a walk yesterday and by the time I got home I had to snuggle in bed, with my electric blanket on full, just to warm up.

Something that massively brightened up my day was this adorable delivery from Kure Bazaar.

Earlier this month I swatched their Pigalle glitter from the December 2016 MeeBox, this glitter is gorgeous so make sure you check it out if you haven't. I was then kindly sent through 3 delicious spring cremes to try and I am in love with these even more.

Kure Bazaar was created by top supermodel, Kartika Luyet. The non-toxic nail polishes combine staying power, super-shine and vibrant, fashion-forward pantone colours in an exclusive formula made with up to 85% natural ingredients based on corn, wheat, cotton and potatoes (yes really!).

Frenchie is a fresh sky blue that applies like a dream. I used 2 coats for full coverage.

Lipstick is a beautiful coral toned red and the formula is just as beautiful. This was almost a 1 coater, however I added a second to smooth out a couple of streaks.

Melrose is a bubblegum pink and is perfect in 2 coats. Again the formula is stunning and the colour is beautiful.

Out of the 3 I was sent through my favourite is Frenchie, that blue is beautiful and I've already had lots of compliments when I wore this.

If you're interested in picking up some Kure Bazaar polishes for yourself, check out the online shop here, they have lots of other absolutely gorgeous colours, all priced at £15 each.

Have a lovely evening, wrap up warm and take care when you're out in that freaky fog.

Vicky xx


  1. All those colours are wow! So bright and bold but so classic! As always, your swatches are amazing xx

    1. Thank you, these polishes are amazing. Glad you like them xx

  2. These are gorgeous swatches! My favourite is that blue <3
    Tracy xx

    1. Thank you Tracy, my favourite is the blue too! xx

  3. I love the colours! so intense!
    - a bloggers beauty


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