Monthly Favourites - January 2017

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

So the first month of 2017 is done and dusted and for me it's been a mixed bag. As far as my blog and nail passion goes, this has been a fab month. 

I've started working with lots of new and incredible companies and I have found a great balance between nail art and swatching. Personally in terms of my health, it's been shocking and like always, I'll leave it there.

Nail Related Favourites

Favourite nail polish
This month I've been loving blues, and both Essie's Perfect Posture (see my review of some of the ballet nudes here) and Kure Bazaar's Frenchie (review here) have to be my favourite as they're both completely beautiful.

What's been your favourite polish this month?

Nail art I’ve created this month
I completed the #clairestelle8jan nail art challenge, managed to post both 26 Great Nail Art Idea manis on time, and I started work on some valentines mani's, I got really into using water decals and carried on stamping, I even did some freehand florals. I feel like it's been a good month for nail art, I did 14 in total which isn't too shabby.

My #clairestelle8jan nail art.

My other nail art manis.

Swatches I’ve done this month
I managed to swatch 34 of polishes this month (well I swatched more but only published 34), which I think is great. I was so glad to get on top of my Primark pile, especially as I have started getting some new 2017 Primark polishes all ready.

Favourite blog post I’ve published this month
This month my favourite post has to be my review of Sparklea's Harry Potter collection. As a big fan I had so much fun taking the photos, swatching the polishes and rewatching some movies.

Favourite blog post from other bloggers
This month I've really enjoyed reading and commenting on others posts. I have tried really hard to give myself 20 minutes most days to read through everyone's new content and spread some nail blog love. 

All Thing Lacquer - Barry M New Releases Frosted Cupcakes + Swatches
Samantha has the most gorgeous claws and has a really soft and unique way of photographing polishes. I loved her review of this collection as she managed to capture the flakies in the polish perfectly.

Leas Nails - Positively Pawlished Swatches & Review
Lea has the most stunning nails and I love her pose. I've tried to recreate it a few times and each time my nails and stupidly wonky length fingers always sit at odd angles. Anyways, her review of these polishes was beautiful, she managed to photograph the glitter polishes perfectly and I have been craving a lime green glittery mani since.

Any new nail brands I’ve discovered this month
Kure Bazaar and Sparklea Nail Polish. I discovered Kure Bazaar thanks to December 2016 Meebox and then was asked to review some Spring Cremes. I discovered Sparklea Nail Polish as the owner (@leasnails on instagram) kindly asked if I would swatch her debut collection months ago, of course I said yes as it was a Harry Potter collection. Both these brands are amazing and I look forward to using them again.

Any new nail care items I’ve discovered this month
Again thanks to the December 2016 Meebox I discovered 'Ard As Nails cuticle oil which is a delicious and very nourishing oil. Another new cuticle oil I discovered was Barry M's So Cute-icle cuticle oil which was released back in mid January.

Non-Nail Related Favourites

Favourite moment in January
This is completely random but my cats had their annual check up earlier in the month and they came out perfectly healthy. I was so relieved, Coco suffered with a tricky UTI in 2016, Flicker has a grade 6 heart murmur (the worst) which always causes me to worry, and both were a little on the tubby side last time they got weighed. Anyone who has pets will know how important they are and how much these things can play on your mind. I'm always surprised at how happy I am when they come home. Yes I am a crazy cat lady and proud. 

Favourite food
There's no denying that my healthy eating plans died a swift death this month and I quickly became addicted to biscuits again. Sainsbury's shortbread fingers are currently my obsession and I actually think I need to go to shortbread rehab. Also how cute is my new cat mug, I picked it up from Matalan.

Favourite song
I've been listening to a lot of my favourites this month as I try and detox from Christmas music. One of my most favourite albums to listen to is Ben Howard's Every Kingdom and I particularly love the song Black Flies. The whole album is amazing, but that song is incredible.

Favourite book
Back in November 2016 I started reading Deborah Harkness' A Discovery of Witches. I finally finished it in December and then after new years I started reading the follow up Shadow of Night. I can not tell you how much I love this trilogy and even though I'm re-reading it, there are so many details I am glad to be devouring again.

Favourite movie
I finally managed to watch Finding Dory (I got it last week) and I am in love. That movie is incredible and so moving; I cried, I laughed and I felt insanely happy. I can not wait to watch it again, in fact I may pop it on now.

Favourite TV show
Brooklyn 99 came back on E4 this month and although I usually shy away from any police style shows, this is brilliant. Anyone else a fan?

How has your January been? Have you managed to stick to your new years resolutions/goals? I have managed to build in a few new habits and so far I am happy with my progress toward my 2017 'to do' list.

The one thing I am getting a little fed up of, is this cold, it's been a very chilly winter and I am excited for the day I don't have to wear 100 layers just to survive a trip to my car. As we move into February I hope we have a little some warmer weather. You should be prepared to see lots of valentines nail art, lots more Primark swatches and who knows what else ... no seriously, I haven't planned too much so it'll be a surprise for me too.

Vicky xx


  1. I am so happy you are continuing with your favourites posts this year!!! You have had an amazing blogging month. So many gorgeous swatches and nail art! I still love that blue floral mani you did with the Essie as your base. So stunning! I've been really loving blue polishes this month too (I say that as I am sitting here wearing a nude holo lol). I can't wait to see what surprises you have for all of us in Feb. And all the Valentine's manis. You have done some fantastic ones so far
    Tracy xx

    1. Me too, and I'm so pleased you've started doing them. They're my favourite posts to look back at. I'm glad you're loving my valentines manis, I feel I've lost my nail art mojo a little so I hope to spend a little time trying to get it back. I think I need to do some shopping, I need more stamping plates ;) xx

  2. Wow what a month! You've done loads and all such high quality as well!
    Oh and I love your TV tastes....

    1. Thank you so much, you're too kind.
      Ps .. booo booo, that's the sound of the police!

  3. Boy January flew by....or it's just me. It wasn't a great month at my end, sounds like you've had some challenges too. Hugs all around!!
    I love these posts - so great to learn more about you, find out about new blogs, books, music, etc. You've convinced me to pony up money to rent Finding Dory!! ;)
    Your nail art this month has been lovely (as it always is IMHO)...I favored the four pink love and the chevron/roses the most. Looking forward to what you have in store for us in February! <3

    1. Boy didn't it, I just know that the next month will fly by too. I'm sending you hugs & hope that whatever you're dealing with, you manage to make it through the next weeks while creating some gorgeous nail art.
      I'm glad you like the chevron nails, I loved them too xx

  4. Love the mug... I got it too :) I'm so glad coco and flicker are well vic. Such great news. Feb will be a good month, I can't wait to see more nails but also more personal posts (Re your other account). Also I can't wait to visit. Loving the two blues... I can see why they are your favourites this month. Can't wait to see the colours Feb has to offer xx

    1. Are you loving using it? I love my cat mug so much. Feb will be brilliant and we'll make sure that we have a nice time when you're down. I am excited for Feb too, lots of spring colours I think xx

  5. I love these round up posts, I would like to do posts like this on my blog but I really don't have that much of an interesting life! Sorry to hear you're health hasn't been great, wishing you well for the coming months x

    1. Thank you LL, I'm sure I'll get better in time. I really don't have an interesting life either but I love rounding off the month and looking back at these posts. I'm sure you could start one very easily, I love reading people's posts xx


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