Primark Swatch Catch Up - Part 2

Monday, 30 January 2017

I hit you with the first of 4 massive Primark catch up posts last week and today I have the second. For those who haven't read it, these polishes have been hanging around in my swatch pile for months and so they're a little overdue. However it's never too late to swoon over some gorgeous colours.

I think I picked these up last Autumn, however I am pretty sure most of them are still available, if your Primark is well stocked, you may get lucky.

Jungle Fever
This camo green creme polish is one I am not very fond of. The formula doesn't seem to have mixed properly as there are still lots of white bits hanging around. However it was another 2 coater so if this kind of green is your bag, it could work.

Midnight Ink
This inky blue is a crelly and built up to a deep dark finish in 2 coats. I wish these type of polishes were good in 1 coat of the colour was a lot prettier before the second coat.

Like Midnight Ink this polish has a much prettier colour on the first coat, almost a cherry stain colour. However it builds to a rich dark brown with a tinge of red and although I don't tend to wear browns, the formula was great as it needed only 2 coat.

A bright white creme that applies smoothly and is good in 2 coats. I picked up a spare of this as cheap 2 coat whites are rare.

This dusky rose pink creme polish has a hint of mauve and I love it. I used it as a base in some nail art here. Again it was good in 2 coats.

Va Va Voom
Who doesn't love an orange toned red creme, especially around valentines? This was perfect in 1 coat.

So what do you think of this second batch of Primark swatches? I love the formula of these polishes but be warned, they are a little stinky.

If you're interested in trying out some of Primark's polishes, pop in store and pick them up as prices start as low as 80p a bottle (these shown here were all 80p each).

Vicky xx


  1. Such gorgeous swatches. There are definitely some great winter polishes in this post.
    Tracy xx

    1. Thank you, the polishes are gorgeous & you're right, such perfect winter shades xx

  2. I love that white!! And I'm not a white kinda person. And some gorgeous autumn/ winter shades. The red is so 'POW' proper pillar box red. Primark have surprised me xx

    1. Thanks Charl, the colours are so pretty & I agree the white and red are great xx


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