Barry M Peanut Butter Gelly Hi-Shine

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Sunday, the day of naps and cake! I've had a lovely day catching up on some TV, playing animal crossing and of course napping off a large slice of cake. How's your day been?

Today I have a review of Barry M's new Gelly Hi-Shine nail paint called Peanut Butter.

I picked this up the other week after Barry M announced their new Spring 17 makeup launches.

Now the Gelly Hi-Shine range is a favourite of mine, the colours are beautiful and the formula works really well on my nails. Although over the past couple of years the influx of new colours into this line-up has slowed dramatically, the dribs and drabs that have been released are beautiful and have filled missing gaps in the colour palette perfectly (although I am still waiting for a bright yellow - maybe Barry M should think about releasing some neon Gellys?).

Peanut Butter
This caramel peach toned colour is lovely and was perfect in 2 coats and I'm actually glad it's not as orange I was expecting. The addition of the flat brush has helped the application of these Gellys no end and I only wish the rest of my older Gelly's had it.

If you're interested in this Gelly nail paint, it's already on sale in Superdrug and Boots stores nationwide priced at £3.99. If you're international you can check out the Barry M website.

Let me know what you think of this new colour and what your favourite gelly is? I think mine is still Pink Punch (review here), that pink is gorgeous - excuse the old pose and watermark.

Vicky xx


  1. My sunday was lovely thank you. Breakfast, walk and cake down the quay with nigel and the kids and then car booting this arvo with Immy and Claire ☺ loving this colour. Not sure how it would look with someone more tanned - no offence meant by it vic. I just meant it's quite a tan colour. However tanning is jot something I have to worry about so as an everyday neutral I love it. Think it's one that could be worn all year round and one I'll be buying. I hate peanut butter but this looks yum xx

    1. Sounds like a perfect day.
      Haha, I know what you mean, the colour would pop with a tan & I am def no where near anything but stark white. I also hate peanut butter, yuk! xx

  2. Not sure if I like this shade I think it's a love it or hate it one. Beautiful swatch Vicky x

    1. It's an odd one, I wasn't bothered before I tried it on and then I liked it xx


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