Barry M Spring Launches - 2017 Edition

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Yesterday Barry M held a launch event for their new Spring 17 products in the stunning White Hart Lane Hotel (same location as their 2016 spring launch) and I popped by to see what gorgeous goodies they had in store for us (oh and you may as well start getting your bank card warmed up, because by the time you get to the end of this post, it's gonna have a serious workout).

As usual, the white space came alive with the vibrant pink that Barry M is known for, but unlike previous years, the eye was drawn to a gorgeous center piece table filled with striking blooms, cupcakes and lots of exciting beauty items.

Dotted around the room were some other smaller tables, featuring more makeup, each uniquely designed to reflect the product. I was completely blown away by the displays and how cleverly everything was presented. Barry M put in maximum effort and these events are always a pleasure to attend.

So what exactly is coming out ...

Matte Me Up Limited Edition Lip Kits #bmmattemeup
Matte lips are not going anywhere as we enter 2017 and these lip kits are going to be at the top of everyone's wishlist. They are available in 3 gorgeous shades and each kit contains a matte liquid lip paint and a matching lip liner. The formula on these is on the runny side, but it's smoothly creamy and non-drying. The lip-gloss style applicator allows for precise application and means that you get just the right amount of product on the wand.

As these are limited edition you're going to want to grab these quickly and maybe stock up on a couple of spares if the colours are faves of yours.

Available to buy in Superdrug from the 8th February and in Boots on the 15th February priced at £6.99 each.

Matte Me Up Liquid Lip Paints #bmmixandmatte
Like the matte lip paints available in the lip kits, these come with the same creamy formula and have the same applicator. However they come without the lip liner and in 5 different shades. Any matte lip fan will want these as well as the lip kits, the pink, bold red and plum are incredible and although my favourite is Minimalist (warm toned pinky nude) all the colours are perfectly wearable.

Available to buy in Superdrug from the 8th February and in Boots on the 15th February priced at £4.99 each.

Molten Metal Nail Paints #bmmoltenmetals
Following on from the success of their original drop last summer (see my review of the original 4 Barry M Molten Metals here),  Barry M are releasing a further 5 metal polishes and one of them is a strong linear holo (Holographic Lights), However it's the bright shimmery Gold Rush which I am most excited about, that and Blue Glacier.

I don't have samples of these yet, however as soon as I do, I will swatch them and get a review up asap.

Available to buy in Superdrug from the 5th April and in Boots on the 12th April priced at £3.99 each.

Flawless Colour Correcting Wands #bmcamoskin
Gone are the days of slapping some foundation and dabbing some concealer on your face, now we prime, contour, highlight, strobe, bake and apply countless products to keep our makeup either mattified/dewy/glossy and flawless. Colour correcting is something new to me and is a step I am willing to add into my regime, especially as I suffer with redness and dark circles.

Barry M have released 3 colour correcting wands, each designed to either reduce redness (green), brighten (lilac) and even out black bags (lemon).

Available to buy in Superdrug from the 8th February and in Boots on the 15th February priced at £4.49 each.

Feeling Cheeky Sculpting Palette #bmfeelingcheeky
Not sure where to start as far as contouring and highlighting is concerned or do you need a 3 in 1 product, then Barry M have got you covered with their new Feeling Cheeky Sculpting palette. This cute metal tin has everything you need to brighten, contour and highlight your skin.

Available to buy in Superdrug from the 8th February and in Boots on the 15th February priced at £6.49.

Get Shapey Brow & Eyeshadow Palette #bmgetshapey
I love getting my brows threaded and never leave the house without filling them in (ok thats a lie, but if I'm putting makeup on, my brows are getting done). It's weird to think just how important they've become and I shudder at the years I abused them. Barry M have designed a product here that will allow you to create the perfect arch as well as a lovely neutral eye look.

Available to buy in Superdrug from the 8th February and in Boots on the 15th February priced at £6.49.

Illuminating Highlighter Palette #billuminate
Who doesn't love a highlighter, whether it's golden, icy or even pastel rainbow. Barry M's new cosmic star inspired palette gives you 3 options for illuminating perfection. Unlike the other 2 new palettes being released this spring, which come in funky new tins, this has is made from the classic cardboard design that all other Barry M palettes come in.

Available to buy in Superdrug from the 8th February and in Boots on the 15th February priced at £6.49.

Neptune Lip Paint #bmneptune
Remember Barry M's Genie lip paint? The green lipstick changes depending on your lip pH, giving you a slick of colour personalised to your individual skin tone. Well it's been years since this product launched and now, Barry M have released a bigger, bolder and bluer version - Neptune. This blue lip paint first appears a little scary, however once it's on it changes to a gorgeous pinky colour. In the lookbook, Adam has suggested you can also apply Neptune to your cheeks and eyelids, I am looking forward to giving that a go.

Available to buy in Superdrug from the 8th February and in Boots on the 15th February priced at £4.99.

That's How I Roll Waterproof Mascara #bmthatshowiroll
There are many advantages to wearing a waterproof mascara, especially if you're like me and get a weepy eye over the smallest thing.

Available to buy in Superdrug from the 5th April and in Boots on the 12th April priced at £4.99.

Frosted Cupcakes Nail Paints #bmfrostedcupcakes
Last month Barry M surprised us with the sneaky launch of these fondant fancy inspired sweet treat nail paints. All 4 frosted cupcakes come full of sparkly flakies. See my review here.

Peanut Butter Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint #bmpeanutbuttergelly
Another surprise and another welcome Gelly nail paint from Barry M's award winning range. As it states in the lookbook, PBJ becomes PBG and I know that this shade will be another fan favourite.

So-cuticle Cuticle Oil #bmsocuticle
Along with the Frosted Cupcakes, Barry M also released a new Cuticle Oil last month (see my review here).

All available to buy now in Superdrug and in Boots priced at £3.99 each.

So that rounds off what is undeniably one of Barry M's biggest seasonal launches.
Anything here take your fancy? Let me know what you think about these new products.

Whatever you buy, you're bound to love it, all these items are incredible and I look forward to trying them out properly over the next couple of weeks.

Vicky xx


  1. Oh gosh why did I read poor wallet is going to take a bashing I think! I've always adored Barry M polishes so am pleased that they are branching out more with makeup! Intrigued by those lip kits for sure, I refused to fall for the Kylie Lip Kit hype (can't stand any of them!) so these look like a good alternative!

    Aysh xox

    1. It's always amazing to see what new beauty launches Barry M have along with their nail paints & im glad some of these look good enough to buy for you.
      At £6.99 a pop, you can buy all 3 of these lip kits for the price of one Kylie kit and if you grab them on offer, they become even better value. I haven't actually got too much into matte liquid lipsticks, preferring my traditional lipsticks, however I am excited by these & will def be buying a backup of some colours xx

  2. There's so much new stuff, it's unreal! I can't wait to try out the lip kits, along with the colour correctors but the Molten Metals look incredible. That holo! And I love a warm gold polish (there are not enough of them around!) so I'm excited to try that too :D

    1. I agree the polishes look amazing, I can't wait until they come out. I love the lip kits and the colour correctors. You'll def love them all!

  3. I want all those molten metals. All of them. I have boots points ready and waiting!

    1. They are so beautiful & just what Boots points were invented for! xx

  4. I want that Neptune lipstick! It looks magical! I want I want I want! Looks like you had a fab time feasting your eyes and hands on lots of new goodies. I've seen some bits in boots and superdrug already. Need to do a bit of a new makeup shop I think. Looking forward to your bail Polish swatches. Xx

    1. Nail... haha not bail. Unless your heading to jail with Polish filled pockets to pass some time xx

    2. Haha, I love that idea, well kinda. It would def be a fun way to kill time.
      The lipstick is very unusual, you can try it out and see what you think, I also love the lip paints, there are some really gorgeous colours xx

  5. Wow I really like the look of the new molten metals! I wanted more gelly's though. Also I love the look of the concealers they look really interesting!
    A Nail Polish Addiction xx

    1. The new molten metals are so gorgeous, you'll love them. As for Gellys, it's a tricky one as that range is already massive, however I agree it would be nice to have some more! xx


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