Spring Nail Haul

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

As we progress through March and transition (slowly) into spring, I find myself putting away my winter knits and browsing the internet for some fresh, lighter clothing. I've picked up a couple of pairs of metallic flats and have started wearing my trusted chelsea boots a little less. The days are not warmer as much as they are milder and the longer hours of daylight mean that come 6 I can still nip out without needing a torch (you know - to pick up that bar of chocolate I promised myself I wouldn't need).

With my changing wardrobe, I also find myself needing to update my nail art supplies. I love shopping for seasonal bits and bob and today I have a little overview of some of my newest purchases (mostly all from eBay).

Firstly I have some plates that I won in a twitter competition from Moyou. They sent me the Trend Hunter 11 and 12 plates and I am in love with these designs. I've already used the images in a couple of manis and will no doubt continue to use them as they're so versatile. Although the images on plate 11 are too small to cover my whole nail. I can still make use of them.

I also picked up a large variety of things from eBay. I haven't linked any sellers because these things are so easy to find and with prices changing all the time, it'll be easier and cheaper for you to look them up yourself.

The following 5 plates cost me £1.49 each and took about 3 weeks to arrive. The sleeves say they're from www.harunouta.com - which looks like a Japanese Born Pretty type store, however I'll keep ordering these plates from eBay and I already have 4 more in my basket reading to be purchased.

They're so pretty right? I may be a skin flint but seeing as I don't have bags of money, I find the idea of spending big bucks on plates a little difficult to swallow.
Especially when the internet is full of such bargains - which leads me to ...

A little while ago I was lucky enough to be sent Sparklea's Harry Potter collection and when I saw @leasnails stamp over her swatches with some hehe Harry Potter plates, I've been dying to get hold of them. Imagine my delight when I found them on eBay for 99p each (no doubt fakes, but they're perfect). I can't wait to use some of these images and as you can see, loads of them will be perfect in non-HP themed designs.

I also picked up these 3 other hehe plates including 2 Studio Ghibli themed ones and one that contains the most perfect mermaid and chevron images.

As a stamping newbie, I have a total of 3 stampers, 1 of which is a clear monocle style stamper which I was lucky enough to get in the September Pumpkin Spice Meebox and the other 2 are small and so difficult to work with as I can't see through them. Purchasing these type of stampers is a pricey business, so when I saw a listing for a cheap clear stamper (just over a £1 each), I grabbed 2 of them very quickly. I may pick up a couple more as they work amazingly well.

The last 2 months have seen me use more full nail water decals in my nail art and eventually I got fed up of spending a fortune on UK based sellers and dolled out £1.99 for 50 designs on eBay. These took 2.5 weeks to arrive and are amazing. Some of the designs are adorable and I can't wait to get using them.

Lastly I have this tiny nail polish haul from Kiko, they've recently had a promo of 5 for £5 and I had to pick up these beautiful shades. At £1 each they're a great addition to my collection. These colours are so pigmented that I know they'll be great for stamping too.

There we are, I am so happy with this little lot and considering each item was a bargain, my bank is also happy! I have an eBay basket full of some new rhinestones and a couple more stamping plates, let me know if you'd be interested in another nail haul post soon and I'll show you what I've picked up next month.

Let me know where you buy your nail art supplies and if you've found any amazing eBay bargains recently.

Vicky xx


  1. Yay for happy bank and happy New nail goodies. Can't wait to see some nail creations Vic. Loving the kiko colours. You def picked good ones there. As for the wonder of eBay,I cant stop. So many affordable great bits on there to be found xx

    1. I'm always on eBay and tend to grab so many cheap nail art bits! I love it.
      The Kiko polishes are great, thanks for helping me pick xx

    2. Don't be silly. It was fun. I love kiko. Loving the kiko products I got from there. Keep it up vic. Great blog xx

    3. Me too - those shimmery lipsticks are lovely! I need your lipbalm lipstick though xx

  2. What a great haul! I had no idea about buying water decals on Ebay - what a great deal! This would be ideal for me as I love popping them on my toes or using odd ones as accents here and there! LOVE the look of those Kiko polishes too, they really are the perfect 'welcome to Spring' shades!

    1. Yes, I love how much of a bargain they are on eBay, hope you managed to find some. I never thought about using them on toes - that's such a good idea. Thanks. I'm pleased you like the spring shades they're so pretty.

  3. Oohh- you found some great plates! I love the harunouta brand- they make some super cute stuff! And yes, you can find them at the borb pretty store. And of course the Harry Potter plates are amazing! I bought mine off of eBay or aliexpress too, and the work perfectly!

    1. I'm so pleased I'm not the only one who love a bargain plate. I was so worried that others would judge my cheapness, especially as everyone seems happy to pay £15 for a plate on IG. I just wish I had more cash for nail supplies, this new addiction to stamping is costly! :) xx

  4. This haul is amazing!! It's making me want to go shopping on ebay for some goodies! I also have the same issue with the MoYou plates. Their images are either way to small or way too big for my nails so I have stopped purchasing them. They do have some amazing images though.
    Tracy xx

    1. I must admit to having done a tad more shopping on eBay since this post when live - I'm too greedy! The larger moyou images are great for my nails, it's the smaller ones that don't fit. I only had this plate as I won it, otherwise I only buy the bigger plates.
      Quick question - who is your fave stamping plate maker? Xx


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