April Fools Day 2017 - A Roundup

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Not only does the beginning of April herald the start of some serious Spring days, but the online world goes a little crazy for a April Fools Joke.

For the past 3 years I have recorded a quick summary of the April Fools hoaxes we have been subjected to, and this post shows 2017's offerings. It's always so funny to look back and see how inventive the brands get.


Barry M - Scratch and Sniff Nail Paint

Brilliant concept and considering we've seen scented polish, this is maybe not too far in the future.

Models Own - Miracle Makeup Spray

Models Own teamed up with Kate's Beauty Station to trick us into thinking they've created the number one product all us non makeup lovers would give our right hands for - a spray that gives us a full on makeup look (see the video here). This kind of reminds me of the makeup gadget that Leeloo from The Fifth Element uses (you know the one I'm thinking of?).

Zoya - Grassy Lip & Gel Nail Kit

A super funny idea, although it was pretty much the same as their 2013 April Fools.

Superdrug - Monobrow

One of the first April Fools to pop into my inbox was this hilarious new 'trend' from Superdrug. No monobrows here though thanks!

Collection Love - Pink Eyelashes

Cutting it quite close to the reality line, especially for a serious pink lover like myself, these pink eyelashes are super pretty. I would love it if pink eyelashes became a real trend, I may just wear them anyway.

Just Beauty - Unicorn Tears Nail Polish

This one I spotted on Twitter and I love their copy more than the idea - have a read of it here.

Just Beauty - Under The Sea Shampoo, includes free Mermaid

Again, another brilliantly written piece - have a read here. I love the bit about drowning husbands if needed - hehe.

7th Heaven - Ballsheet Masque

A mask for the men in our life, containing ball tingling mint oil and hydrating nut butter.

Baylis & Harding - Roast Beef Handwash

I really hope none one actually fell for this, I couldn't think of anything worst than my hands stinking of beef - ewww!

Non- Beauty

A small selection of my favourites.

Coca Cola made with Helium, you know because a fizzy drink that makes you have a high pitched voice would be brilliant.

Meh Mite - impossible to love or hate.

Whopper Toothpaste by Burger King - yuk!

Walkers produced the worlds first self seasoning potatoes - or did they.

Subway's new Sub Zero ice cream flavours, inspired by your favourite sub - again another yuk one for me.

Domino's - not sure if all 2 are from this year, but they're funny and I've not featured them before.

Snickers Knickers

Durex - Traditional English Flavoured Condoms

99p Coin to help phase out copper coins, this is a blooming brilliant idea (oh and I've still not seen a new £1 coin yet).

My Protein - Puppy Protein

Soda Stream for puppies - how luxurious

Costa drink and kip combo - I'm totally loving this face cushion, especially for desk or plane naps.

Hyundai emoji numberplate - bagsy the nail emoji!

Homebase's new rainbow paint!

Sunlife Beard Insurance - haha, my bf would love this!

Giffgaff cracked screen balm to help mend those broken screen phones.

There we go, there were loads of other very funny ones I've no doubt, but these were the ones I found. Please pop any links in the comments to ones I've missed.

Until next year ...

Oh and if you fancy catching up on the previous years posts, you can find them below;

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  1. Bahaha I love this post! I saw hardly any April Fools things this year. I did see the Zoya one and one from Ikea called flikea but that is all I can recall.
    Tracy xx

    1. Oh I didn't see the ikea one, I'll have to have a look for it. There wasn't as many good beauty ones as usual which was a shame. However it's always nice to see what crops up xx

  2. Brilliant post hun. I missed most of these. That 99p needs to be a real thing!! Xx

    1. I complete agree, they should just do away with pennies altogether xx

  3. Too funny! I must be a 12 year old boy because I lost it at "nut butter". 😂

  4. Haha some of these are brilliant. The rainbow paint totally reminds me of the Mr Blobby video we always used to watch with Rob. Where Mr Blobby painted his shed and the paint went on pink with yellow spot. Do you remember? I think some of these are so close to realistic ideas that we should all just 'watch this space' and see what the future holds xx

    1. I do remember, haha, stupid mr blobby. Also dotty paint would be amazing! I also thought some of the jokes were very realistic, I'm hoping pink eyelashes and a spray on face spray eventually become a thing xx


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