Monthly Favourites - March 2017

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Another month of 2017 is over and I'm pretty sure somewhere back in January I butt dialed pressed fast forward because no way have we had a quarter of the year already.
Ok, assuming that I really have woken up in April, I need to not only get on with this blog post, but start thinking about everything else that starts happening now we move into Spring, and dare I say it eventually Summer.

As far as nail blogging goes, it was a bit of a struggle in the middle of March, due to an illness, but thankfully that was sandwiched between some pretty productive blogging, which saved the month.

When I have been blogging this month, I have really loved it and in terms of being able to work with the brands I love, I have had a very lucky month. Thank you so much.

Nail Related Favourites

Favourite nail polish
I actually don't know how to pick a favourite this month, there have been so many amazing colours featured on my blog and I have tried so many different shades from lots of new brands, that the decision is super hard.

However, sometimes you have to pick the colour that make your heart happy, and for me that colour is pink. So rather unsurprisingly my favourites are Annika's Pink Sherbet from the Vintage Tea Party Collection, the gorgeous pink is perfect for the spring and Masura Wild Orchid, which is one of the most intense pinks I've seen in a while.

Nail art I’ve created this month
In my Feb Monthly Favourites I set myself a challenge to complete 20 nail designs during March ... and I fell short of that number by 2. Considering how up and down my consistency in posting was, I think it's still pretty impressive, however I'm coming for you in April, 20 designs will be created!

My #clairestelle8march nail art.

My other nail art.

This month I was lucky enough to do a couple of mani swaps with some amazing nail artists on IG (@baby_mama_nails and @_nailgems_). There was also St Patricks Day and Red Nose Day which are great themes for nail art. However it was my Butterfly and Sally Hansen #colorofthemoment designs which stood out for me.

Please let me know your fave design below.

Swatches I’ve done this month
A busy month and a total of 36 swatches completed. It was excellent in terms of Gel swatches, I managed to finally get my SensatioNAIL's post up which accounts for 14 of them.

Favourite blog post I’ve published this month
This month I loved the review I did of Annika's Vintage Tea Party collection, it was perfectly suited to the beginning of Spring and the pastels were so pretty. I wish I had more of their polishes because I'm becoming more than a little obsessed.

Favourite blog post from other bloggers
Like my own blogging, I've been a little lax in keeping up with all the amazing content this month. However there was one stand out post was from Samantha of - her review of the new Barry M Molten Metals is amazing. I love her nail shape and her pictures are always so pretty.

Any new nail brands I’ve discovered this month
I tried a few new brands; Madam Glam and her magnetic gels are incredible, SensatioNAIL's (although technically I've been trying them for a few months but posted about them this month) and Masura, a Russian brand which also does the most beautiful magnetic polishes.

Any new nail care items I’ve discovered this month
Nope, but as I've run out of both my favourite Models Own nail polish remover an hand cream. I really need to get some more, I just wish they sold them in my local Superdrug as I begrudge paying p&p when ordering through their website.

Non-Nail Related Favourites

Favourite moment in March
One morning in early March, at just after 6am, I went on a walk. I had no idea that when the sun came up, it would become the most beautiful day of the year so far (since then there have been lots of other lovely days). The fresh morning air, the blue sky, the heat from the sun, the lack of people and the sounds of the world getting ready for the day was amazingly peaceful. Plus living right on the seafront meant that my walk had continuously stunning views. I seriously need to try and get out for more early morning walks when I can, it's the best way to start your day.

Favourite food
I've reflected on my past monthly favourites and realised the majority of my favourite foods are always sweet things. Well surprise ... it's another sweet this month. I have a massive sweet tooth, Although I eat a lot of normal food and enjoy my fruit in the morning, salads for dinner and tons of chicken, I would be a complete liar if I said my favourite was any of them.

This month I've been loving Easter sweets, Milkybar Eggs and Malteaser Bunny's (a new to me treat but I'm very addicted). I need to either stockpile these or start weaning myself off them, because in a few weeks they'll no longer be around :(

Favourite song
This month, after watching the movie online one night when I couldn't sleep, I have fallen in love with the soundtrack to Moana. I play the songs all the time but my favourite has to be 'I Am Moana (song of the ancestors'. The Bluray is being released on Monday 3rd April and I will have to get my bf to pick it up for me on the day.

Favourite book
I haven't read anything this past month. Instead of reading I have been doing Sudoku before bed. I read an article on how to get the brain sleepy and one idea was tiring it out with difficult maths (the article actually suggested you start at 1000 and try subtracting 7 continually, it says you'll fall asleep far before you get to 0). However after picking up some very difficult Sudoku (easy ones don't work, it has to be very trying), I've found they work just the same. Some nights I can hardly get half a puzzle finished before I'm dropping off.

Favourite movie
I've watched a lot of movies this month but my favourite has to be a split between Moana and the new Beauty and The Beast. Disney have done an incredible job on both these and although the new Beauty and The Beast may just tip the scales in it's favour for top spot, Moana has to be mentioned because I have LOVED it.

Favourite TV show
Thanks to the recommendation of Aysh from I watched and loved The Last Kingdom. Although it was a short series, the second is out now and I will no doubt have it watched soon. I also started watching Grimm on netflix, however I'm not that taken it with it. Let me know if you've watched it and what you think I should do.

March may not have been the most memorable month for me, but it was a lovely one and I have so many amazing things coming up in April (on the blog) that I'm excited for the next 4 weeks. I have been so luckily this last month and have been sent lots of gorgeous polishes and nail art bits which I can't wait to show you. Also, the shift in the feel of the days, especially since the clocks lept forward, is actually very welcome. The lighter evenings have me itching for the warmer months ahead which is something I never thought I'd say, as I'm an Autumn/Winter girl through through.

Hope you all had a lovely March, as usual let me know your favourite bits from it in the comments below.

Vicky x


  1. I love reading your monthly favourites. They are definitely some of my favourite posts to read. It always amazes me how you can narrow down your choices of favorites. Like the polishes for exact, I don't think I could have only picked two (awesome pick for the two btw). You have also had an amazing month of nail art! I can't wait to see what April brings. Good luck with your challenge of 20 nail art manis.
    Tracy xx

    1. Thanks Tracy, I love writing them and I know they'll be so good to look back on. I love your fave posts too & love how you put in your most popular blog posts and nail art. I actually am in awe of your swatching and nail art ability. How you find the time to work & be a mum and hold down your blog is incredible. I honestly need to hustle a bit harder!
      I best get on with some nail art, it's already the 5th and I have done none yet - oops xx

  2. I really love your butterfly nail art it's just beautiful. I also love the Annika tea party polishes they look so pretty I should pick them up. I took my son to see Moana at the weekend actually - I thought it was brilliant too. Some parts were so beautiful I had a tear in my eye. I also went to see Beauty & The Beast, I enjoyed it but must admit that I found Emma Watson a bit annoying as Belle. Loved reading this post, Thankyou

    1. Thanks LL, I love the butterfly nails too. I can't believe it took me so long to get around to doing that design.
      Moana is still amazing, I've watched it so much & always pop the soundtrack on when I've got jobs to do. It's a shame you struggled with Emma Watson, people are like marmite with her, but I actually really liked her as Belle. The only issue I had was with her voice, it wasn't as good as you'd expect from a Disney princess xx

  3. I really love reading these posts of yours Vicky, would it be very cheesy for me to say a highlight of mine has been discovering your fab blog?! And thank you for the lovely mention, isn't The Last Kingdom just brilliant?! And season 2 is so good. Highly recommend Marco Polo too. Oh & Milkybar Eggs may be the greatest confectionery EVER...gutted that they are only around at this time, I literally buy a bag every week!

    Love Aysh xox

    1. Ah thank you, that's so kind. I love your blog too. I need to catch season 2 and I've been meaning to watch Marco Polo.
      Yes I buy a bag very often, maybe 2 a week. I always need to have a couple to munch on while I blog and watch Netflix xx

  4. Moana... make way, make way... Moana it's time you knew...
    I love the film and the soundtrack. So pleased you rated it too. Disney are still bashing out brilliant films and songs. Remember how much we love the mulan songs?
    That masura pink has to be one my faves I've seen you swatch too. I've never seen a colour like it.
    Here's to a happy april... drip drip drip little April showers xxx

    1. Disney are always nailing it & Moana is a hidden gem I am glad I discovered. I did also watch Zootropolis and loved it. I need to get Jamie to watch it too.
      Glad you loved Wild Orchid, I would have thought it was a tad bright for you.
      ... oh and I love that song, we've already had some April Showers xx

  5. I love all of your nail art designs that you have done. I love them Annika polishes, such stunning spring colours. Ooh I still haven't watched Moana, that is a must xx

    1. You must watch it, it's an amazing movie. The Annika shades are so beautiful, when I get some money next I'm going to buy some summer shades from them xx


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