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Monday, 10 April 2017

Contains PR Samples

Happy Monday, hope you've had a nice day. Although we lost the sun around 8.30 am this morning, it's still been beautiful and I'm loving these light spring days.

Today I have a post I've been meaning to write for ages, however I wanted to try these products out properly before I shared them with you.

As you all know I'm a massive fan of everything Primark, but especially their nail polish lines. As well as nail colours, they also sell a ton of nail care basics and most are well worth the bargain price tag.

Polish Removal Basics
  • Nail Polish Remover Regular - £1
  • Pump Nail Polish Remover - £1
  • Nail Corrector Pen - £1
  • Round Cosmetic Pads - 50p
  • Cotton Buds - 50p

A big massive 'love em' to all 5 of these products. I've been stocking up on their cotton pads and buds for years now and use them for everything, but have only recently given their polish removal products a go.

Their nail polish remover is amazing and on par with many that carry bigger price tags. The scent is typical for a polish removers and it works very quickly (it does contain acetone). For a quid a bottle, it's going to take the place of my favoured Superdrug bottle.

The pump nail polish remover is brilliantly handy. I don't have one of these gadgets on my desk and find it so useful to be able to get a cotton pad soaked in remover with one hand. The polish remover itself is different to the larger bottle (it's acetone free) and although I prefer the acetone formula, it's nice to have a less stringent version to use when I'm on a swatch-a-thon.

The corrector pen is fab, although I still prefer a brush to clean up, this product is very hand for those that aren't so industrial about their nail colour application. It also comes with 3 spare tips which, considering it costs £1, is amazing.

Nail Files
  • 2 Pack Nail Buffers - £1
  • 2 Pack Glass Nail Files - £1

Both these packs are amazing value and great basics to have in for those weekly nail neatening sessions. The pack of buffers are essentially the same item, one is just straight and the other rounded. Each have 6 sides - 1 to even out ridges, 2 to smooth nail surface, 3 to buff nail surface, 4 to shine nail surface, 5 to shape nail and 6 to neaten nail edges. More surfaces than I need, but it's nice to have options.

The glass files are amazing and although they're not as good quality as the higher end glass files, for 50p each, I suggest you stock up, pop one in all your handbags and throw out those horrid emery board files (if you still have them).

Nail Glue
  • 2 Pack False Nail Tip Glue - 60p

As a nail blogger, trying to keep my nails a constant shape and length is very difficult. Cracks, tears and even breaks happen more than I'd like, and the only way to try and save my nail is by using my trusty Orly Nail Rescue kit. Although the pot of powder contains enough product for a lifetime of nail rescuing, the nail glue ran out ages ago. It was by accident that I discover Primark's nail glue, I was out shopping and got a tip break, picked this up, dabbed some on and voila, the rest is history. I now have 4 bottles of this (one in my handbag) and love it.

Nail Care Basics
  • Hard Nails - £1
  • Top & Base Coat - £1
  • Strong Nails - £1
  • Cuticle Oil - £1

Hard Nails and the Top & Base Coat are both products I'm not itching to buy again. They're both essentially base coats, however they have a strong smell and the plastic brush is not great. The plus side is they work, they dry quickly and they're cheap.

Strong Nails and the Cuticle Oil are both products I love and will be buying them again. They're both oils that can be used to moisturise, nourish and enhance either your nails or your cuticles. Strong Nails doesn't really have a scent, whereas the Cuticle Oil has a soft fruity/floral scent. Both absorb quickly and are fab to have around. Applying any kind of oil is better than none, however if you prefer natural oils, these are not your bag. My only wish is that it came in pen form.

So overall my thoughts can be summarised in 2 words - BRILLIANTLY BARGAINOUS! The only products I won't purchase again are Hard Nails and the Top & Base Coat, however everything else is amazing both in quality and price point. The time really has come to give Primark it's dues, ditch your 'cheap must mean crap' mentality and try some of these products out.

If you're interested in any of these products, you can find them in all Primark store nationwide, with prices ranging from 50p-£1 (see specific item for specific price).

Let me know if you use/love Primark nail products and if so, what your fave is?

Vicky x


  1. I'm jealous of your Spring/lighter days. Winter is definitely kicking in here (dark, wet, cold) which means that I need to step up my nail care game. Primark seem like they have some great affordable options. I want to go back and check it out.
    Tracy xx

  2. It's such a great place and I think these essentials can be bought cheaply and then the money saved can be used for more nail polish!
    I'm sorry you're heading into winter, however as we know, it won't last long and before we know it, I'll be heading into Autumn and you'll be heading into spring.
    Vicky x

  3. I need to pick up the nail polish remover as I had a disaster with my superdrug one, I managed to tip it all down me. I tried the top & base coat and it smudged all my nails and I now have a pink bottle. But I will have to check out the rest of products xx

    1. Oh no, I always managed to have a spill of nail polish remover or acetone every once in a while. The brushes on the base and top coat is a little stiff so I can see it smudging, I really didn't rate it but did love everything else! xx

  4. Amazing review Vic. helpful and honest. Primark is popular with so many people and everyone want to know about good quality products and cheap prices. especially if its something ones uses a lot. Ill be picking up the nail polish remover and cuticle oil next time I go in xx

    1. Thanks, I'm pleased you found it helpful. It's so nice when you put the effort in to have people find it useful. The remover and oil are amazing, you'll love them and at such bargain prices too xx


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