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Thursday, 27 April 2017

Contains PR Samples

I'm back with another Primark swatch-fest today and I don't know about you but I feel like it's been too long.

I should disclaim that a lot of these colours have been around for a few months now but I am sure most of them are still available in Primark. I was sent a few of these (which I had already purchased so there will be a GIVEAWAY at the end of this post) and then picked up a couple more as and when I saw them.

If you're a regular reader of my blog, you know that Primark polishes are my guilty pleasure because they're so well priced and the colours are incredible.

A bright strawberry red that has a crelly formula. I needed 3 thin coats for full opacity, although as I can see see a slight nail line, I could have done thicker coats.

Vintage Rose
The name of this polish describes it perfectly. In real life it actually appears a little deeper and darker on the nail. I needed only 2 coats (almost 1) and application and drying time were both very excellent.

Light Pink
A light baby pink creme that's perfect for the spring. Again I needed only 2 coats.

Make Me Blush
This blush creme has a slight peachy tone which I think looks more like salmon. Whatever it looks like, it's gorgeous and I needed only 2 smooth coats for full opacity.

Midnight Muse
This stormy blue creme is such an interesting colour and I don't think I have many like it. I needed 2 coats!

This warm brown creme reminds me of chocolate milkshake. Again I needed only 2 coats.

Cool Nude
This polish has been featured in a lot of Primark's Instagram pictures as it's a gorgeous vanilla nude. Again I needed only 2 coats and again it was a gorgeous polish.

When I first saw marshmallow I was convinced that Primark had made a mistake, after all their white creme was called Optic the last time I checked. However the name label was white and the quantity they had for sale convinced me that this must be their new season white. Either way I snapped it up as I am a massive fan of Optic and knew this would be very similar, if not identical. Oh and it required 2 coats.

There we are folks, another 8 gorgeous shades and I have to admit to loving them all, especially Vintage Rose (no surprise).

You can pick up all these shades from Primark stores nationwide, priced at 90p each and I suggest you do, they're gorgeous.

Oh and to win the 4 polishes below, all you have to do is enter the rafflecopter below and leave me a lovely blog comment!

Let me know your fave colour? Are you a Primark beauty fan? I totally need some of their new highlighters.

Vicky x

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  1. Fab swatches. I got my first primark polishes the other day.

  2. BTW forgot to say but brulee & vintage rose are my favourite although all fab.

  3. Love these �� they're such a bargain! My favourite is cool nude ��

    1. Cool Nude is a gorgeous shade and it would suit everyone, great choice xx

  4. You can't beat a good white polish (it's a staple for all my nail art!) but vintage rose is absolutely gorgeous!

    1. I love Primark whites too so will be grabbing a few more for my staple stash! Vintage Rose is incredible, you'll love it xx

  5. Ah so lovely. I keep visiting my local Primark in the hope they will have some of the polishes I see on your blog, but they never do!!x

    1. What?? I don't understand all these Primark with no polishes. I know like a lot of things you need to grab the polishes as soon as you see them, however they usually have a good stock of them in my store xx

  6. Love these colours! And they look great quality for the price!

  7. Love the Midnight Muse :) I've yet to try these polishes but they look really good

    1. They really are, I can't believe that so few nail people have picked them up to try xx

  8. Primark seem to have such a great range of polishes. I really like the looks of that blue. It seems so unique.
    Tracy xx

    1. They do, I'm more than a little addicted to popping in and seeing the new shades. I'm sure one day Australia will get Primark, it's taking over the world these days x

  9. All these colours are so amazing, I've never seen them in my Primark!!��

    1. They're so good, you have to look hard and grab when you see them, like many other Primark goodies xx


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