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Thursday, 6 April 2017

PR Sample

Today I have a review of a new to me brand called True Brit London. In early March I was sent their new 2017 nail polish releases and I finally have them all for you to drool over today. I must warn you, this is very picture heavy, so scoll, scroll some more and enjoy.

True Brit London 2017 Polishes

True Brit London is a British brand that was founded in 2014, with everything from the formula to the bottle designed to exude luxury. In fact I don't think I have come across such a beautifully packaged polish ... ever.

The formula, which is 9 free, is also infused with Elderflower, White Rose, Vitamin E and Natural Flower Oils, known for their nourishing properties. This botanical combination also ends up giving the polish a lovely floral scent when dry, something I have never experienced before but find very charming.

The boxes these polishes come in is gold, and the square bottle not only looks luxurious but has lots of design details you'd expect from a high end lacquer. The bottle itself is weighty and feels lovely to hold (as well as looking gorgeous), the logo and cap have a beautiful pewter shine to them and to aid in application, the square cap can be easily removed, revealing another pewter handle. The only downside I can find is that the brush is very standard, however application isn't hindered in any way by this, it would just make it a tad quicker for those of us with slightly longer and larger nails.

I was lucky enough to be sent all 12 of their new 2017 polishes, a collection that's equally mixed in both colour and finish.

This polish is a grey tinged lavender creme, and was inspired by the cool hues of Camden Market. I needed only 2 coats for full coverage and finished with a coat of topcoat (all swatches are finished with 1 coat of topcoat)..

This warm taupe creme has a slight blush undertone. The formula of this was amazing and again I needed only 2 coats.

A delicate mauve foil polish which has an incredible shine to to it. 2 coats were needed for full coverage.

A deep lavender creme, this polish has a beautiful formula and although I needed 2 coats, 1 would have been fine.

This multi-tonal iridescent polish shimmers from white through to blue, violet and then pink. It is gorgeous and for this swatch I wore 2 coats over Picnic (since then I have tried it on it's own and it was just a lovely worn with no base).

A clear base filled to the brim with violet and holographic micro glitter. I applied 3 thin coats and found it covered pretty decently. However next time I will try the sponge technique and see if I can even out a couple of sparse patches.

Another iridescent multi-tonal polish, however this polish features a blue/green to purple shift. After trying this on it's own I decided to see what it was like over a base colour (the photos really didn't do it justice).

As you can see from the nail wheel, it looked most effective over a black base, although I am keen to wear it over turquoise next. I used 2 coats over black for these swatches.

This bold magenta has a violet pearly shimmer to it and I am in love. This polish is very pigmented and I only needed the second coat because I smudged the first due to overdoing the brush strokes.

No prizes for guessing what inspired this red crelly polish. I needed 3 thin coats for full coverage, despite it being very pigmented. Also I would double up on the basecoat, I only had this on for a little over an hour and when I removed it there was already some staining.

A pink toned coral creme that's super pretty. The formula of this was on the thicker side (although that could be because my bottle had a crack in the top), however 2 coats were all that was needed for full coverage.

This muted orange creme has a major vintage vibe to it. I needed 2 coats for full coverage.

A gorgeous bronze and gold micro glitter polish. I wore 2 coats over Nostalgia, although I think when using the sponge technique, you could get full coverage on it's own.

Altogether this collection is gorgeous. I am so impressed with the colours, the range in beautiful finishes and the formula of these lacquers. Although the colour palette leans toward lilac, the pops of bold colour and warm vibrant tones of the second half of this collection ensure that there is something for everyone.

It would be difficult to pick a favourite from such a line up, however Etiquette and The Blitz are both stand outs for me. I mean, just look how beautiful they are.

If you fancy treating yourself to a luxurious lacquer, you will not find better than True Brit London. They have 72 other colours to choose from, in 6 quintessentially British named collections and a range of incredible look nail care items. I for one am itching to get a hold of their Garden Party Collection and their strawberries and cream scented polish remover and nail oil. You can buy these polishes online priced at £12.50 each.

Don't forget to also follow True Brit London on their social media channels
Instagram @truebritlondon
Twitter @truebritlondon

I would be interested to know what your favourites are? Please let me know what you think about these polishes.

Vicky x


  1. Gorgeous swatches as always Vicky, I love love love True Brit London. Their polishes really are something else, currently wearing Seaside & received so many compliments! So impressed with the new collection. You MUST try the Strawberries & Cream scented polish remover, it really is as yummy as it sounds! :)

    Love Aysh xox

    1. Seaside is a lovely colour and I can't wait to wear it again. I'm also in love love love with this brand, I need all the colours they have now! I've put the strawberries and cream bits on my birthday wish list! Fingers crossed xx

  2. Wow what beautiful swatches. Seaside and The Blitz are my favourite!
    Hayley - A Nail Polish Addiction xx

    1. They're both stunning colours and would look amazing together xx

  3. So many pretties!!! I'm loving the purple ones and that glitter. Gorgeous swatches!
    Tracy xx

    1. There are a lot of purples to love in this collection too xx

  4. Here here... I agree with you. Etiquette and the blitz are my stand outs too however, there is not one of the colours that I do not like. They are all amazing and so fun and vibrant! What an amazing collection xx

    1. Yay, both those colours are so beautiful, I knew others would love them too! I also love all the colours, they're so beautiful xx

  5. These are so stunning I love all the purple toned ones x

    1. Me too, and there are plenty to pick from! xx


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