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Sunday, 7 May 2017

PR Sample

Happy Sunday, hope you've all had a great weekend. I've been busy with Hen Do shenanigans and have had a fab couple of days pottery painting, eating Italian food, walking Alpacas and attending a mad hatter/flower crown essential tea-party.  Throughout all of this I still managed to find time to swatch the Essie 2017 Neons.

With the turn in the weather (yes it's finally started to get sunny), it seems like the perfect time to whip out some brights.

Neons are perfect for summer and the Essie 'Turn On The Neon Collection' consists of 4 eye popping shades, inspired by the graffiti splashed walls of Miami.

Like a lot of neon polishes it is suggested you wear them over a white base coat This increases the vibrancy and really makes them POP. For the first three swatch pictures of each colour, you can see what the neon polish looks like over white, on the fourth picture I have shown side by side what it looks like with (index and middle finger) and without a white base coat (ring and little finger).

Gallery Gal
This vivacious coral crelly has a pink tinge which is a only noticeable over a white base. I needed 2 coats for full coverage, although it was stilll a tad patchy (as issue that happens when applying neons over white) and it dried to a satin matte finish.

As you can see, it looks a lot more like the colour in the bottle when applied on it's own, I applied 2 coats on it's own and found the formula so much easier to work with, there were no streaks and no visible patchiness on the nail when dry.

Mark On Miami
This glowing ember orange crelly is a stunning colour, I applied 2 coats over white and found that the coverage was perfect. There were no streaks and it looked incredible.

Applied on it's own it's a lot deeper (again I applied 2 coats).

Off The Wall
This shocking pink crelly is lovely and like Mark On Miami, the formula is fab and looks great over a white base. The second coat smooths out any streaks but deepens the colour a tad.

Worn on it's own it's a lot darker and squishy (much more like the bottle colour) and like all the others, I applied 2 coats on it's own.

The Fuchsia Of Art
This purple is the least neon and has the worst formula of the lot. After 2 coats it still looked so streaky and patchy that I almost gave up. I decided to add a third coat and it managed to smooth a few of the issues out, but that meant there were now 5 layers of polish on my nails (2 white + 3 purple).

Worn on it's own (2 coats), it actually works beautifully. The formula doesn't streak and it deepens to the most gorgeous colour.

Prime & Pop Base Coat
This white 2 in 1 primer and base coat is a stunning little discovery for me. The formula is so silky and opaque, it's like applying liquid chalk to your nails. I was a little hesitant with my first coats and went too thin, which meant I needed 2 for full coverage. However when I used a thicker application, I found I needed only 1 coat, which dried very quickly to a shiny finish.

My Verdict - if you don't mind a squishy jelly finish, grab these neons and wear them on their own, they won't pop as vibrantly but you'll avoid any streaky standoffs with the brush and will still rock a neon mani. However if you prefer them over white, stick to Mark On Miami and Off The Wall, the formulas are perfect and they work perfectly over the white basecoat.

N.B. As you can see from the black light image, only Gallery Gal, Mark On Miami and Off The Wall are 'true' neons, If you wore these while in a club or at a festival, you can guarentee that you'd stand out from the crowd.

If you're interested in buying this collection it's exclusive to Superdrug, with each bottle priced at £7.99. Hurry though as these will only be available until the 27th June.

Let me know your fave shade below and also let me know your favourite neon polish. I'm always on the look out for more!!

Vicky x


  1. Awesome swatches! It's so interesting to see the difference between the polishes applied over the white vs. on their own. I'm so excited to get into some neon colors this summer!

    1. Me too, I love brights and neons are amongst my faves!
      I think I prefer how bright they are over white, but I very much prefer how easy they are to apply on their own x

  2. These neons are amazing. I would neon nails... so summery (I'm thinking abroad summer, sadly not english summer lol) But they look so fresh and fun. Xx

    1. I would totally wear neon nails for our rubbish summer, although I know that they'd feel more topical with some heat! Maybe you should grab some for next weekend! xx

  3. How interesting that the application of these were easier without the white base. Normally it's the other way around. Gorgeous swatches!
    Tracy xx

    1. It is weird now you've pointed that out. Maybe I did something wrong with the base? However i do love the neon jelly look, it's so squishy and just as bright irl xx


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