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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

PR Sample

As the summer approaches, so does wedding season. Now I know that a lot of people get married all throughout the year, however May-August is very popular for weddings.

Along with picking the dress, the venue and the countless other bits and bobs needed for the big day, brides have always been concerned about nailing the little details (see what I did there). For most brides, their nails are as important as their makeup, after all the traditional 'clasped hands with rings on show' shot is usually taken for the photo album and wedding day nails will immortalised in film - forever.

Jessica isn't alone in releasing a Bridal collection this year, however the Glowing With Love collection is unique in that it tells a story, in the naming and colours choices for the polishes. Such a cute idea.

The Romance
The start of any love story, The Romance is a warm peach blush pearlescent polish that had a reasonably opaque (for a pearl) formula. I needed 3 thin coats, no topcoat for this swatch.

The Proposal
Most romances will eventually lead to a Proposal and like many quirky proposal stories I hear about, this polish is all about the fun. It's a sheer, white translucent mix of bar and medium hex glitters. I used 1 coat, plus some dabbing over Periwinkle Bliss from the Summer 2016 Polished In Pastels Jessica collection.

The Engagement
An exciting time after the proposal when couples immerse themselves in planning and prepping for their big day. This Engagement is a dazzling micro hex silver glitter topper that contains some holo glitters too. I used 1 coat over The Wedding and love the pearl and glitter combo.

The Prenup
Not something that will ever be involved in my wedding prep, The Prenup is an ivory pearlescent polish that has a golden shimmer. This was sheer and as such needed 3/4 coats, depending on the thickness of your application.

The Wedding
This white pearlescent shade also has a micro gold shimmer, but it's not as noticeable as in The Prenup. This had the sheerest formula of the lot and was a 4 coater for me.

The Vows
At every wedding there's The Vows, whether they're traditional or personalised to the couple (I'm totally going to write my own vows). Now it wouldn't be a wedding collection without a little pink and The Vows is a stunning pearlescent baby pink. I needed 3 coats for this swatch, just excuse my yellow tinged skin in these pictures.

I love this collection and honestly feel it's perfect for a wedding. My fave is prob The Vows but I do love The Engagement too. Most brides I know go for a simple French manicure, however some love a little pearly action and others want full on bling, all are looks which can be achieved with these polishes.

If you fancy grabbing all or any of these polishes, you can shop Jessica polishes on Gerrard International, priced at £11 a bottle.

Don't forget to let me know what you wore on your nails for your wedding day in the comments below, I am a bridesmaid in a month and will most likely wear The Prenup or The Wedding, I'll keep my nails simple. Oh and if you're getting married this year, congratulations and I hope you have a fantastic day.

Vicky x


  1. My favourite is the vows too but they all look gorgeous on you x

    1. Thank you so much, I love The Vows too! A gorgeous choice x

  2. I'll never be a bride but if I did I love the vows or the prenup or the wedding. All are so gorgeous. Wedding season or not i love a pearly polish xx

    1. You may someday and then you can think about wedding nails. Pearly polishes are def a trend this year!! I've got another collection coming soon that has 5 gorgeous pearly shades in it xx

  3. I love that the polish names have a story. You really need to have the full collection just because of the names.
    Tracy xx

    1. Yes you do, although I always need the full collection!
      It's a shame there's not one called The Honeymoon as that would finish it off perfectly! xx

    2. Maybe that will be in the next collection? Along with a baby, house etc...

    3. Ooh maybe, et's hope there's not one called The Divorce hey? ;)

  4. I love this collection! Soooo pretty, but then you can't go wrong with a pearly polish :-) I think The Vows is my favourite along with The Proposal.

    I wore Morgan Taylor Sugar Fix as a French manicure, if was gorgeous to have a touch of pink and shimmer with that, so The Vows would be my choice from this collection x

    1. I agree, I didn't use to love Pearly finishes so much, but I do now!

      I love the sound of your wedding nails & think I'd go for something similar. The Vows is just a stunning choice for weddings in general! xx

  5. I love how you wrote the post similar to me lol like a love story. Your swatches are perfect as always xx

    1. Ah thanks, I will go back and add your blog link in (It'll help with SEO) and you're right, it's so similar! Loved your swatches too, they were stunning xx


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