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Saturday, 20 May 2017

PR Sample

Last Friday I was lucky enough to receive a gorgeous box of goodies from Models Own. If you follow my Instagram account (@thepolishlist), you may have seen my unboxing stories of it, I usually post unboxings on there, so make sure you check daily for sneak peeks of upcoming polish launches.

If you didn't see it (or did and want to know more), read on because this post if full of pastel pictures that are yummy enough to make you drool.

Inside the biggest Models Own box I have ever seen, were so many amazing products from their new Unicorn themed 'Celestial Collection'.
This festival inspired collection has a choice 5 different products in a variety of iridescent and holographic finishes. As you can see from the picture below, in this collection there is:

  • Enchanted Eye Palette (£14.99) which contains 10 gorgeous shades.
  • Glitter Face Kit (8.99) in a choice of 2 glitter options. These can be use for hair and body too.
  • Lip Glitter Kit (£6.99) that come in 5 glitzy shades.
  • Chrome Lip Topper (£7.99) in a choice of 2 shimmering flakie packed colours.
  • Nail Polish (£4.99) in 5 pearly and shimmering shades.
Now I haven't tried all of these products yet, but so far I have tried the Chrome Lip Toppers and they are incredibly pretty. Stardust has the most beautiful iridescent flakies in a clear base and Rose Comet is a barbie pink with gold iridescent flakies.

The 5 polishes are just as pretty as they look in the bottles, 4 of them are pearls and 1 is a metallic foil. The formulas are pigmented and easy to apply and all were good in 2 coats. However as they are frosty (leave brush strokes), you may end up needing to apply a third coat to even things out.

White Pearl
This silver toned white pearl is gorgeous. It's like spun clouds for your nails. 

Love Pink
This baby pink pearl shines so bright on your nails. Of course I love this colour - who wouldn't!

Sweet Peach
A summery orange pearl, although I'm not sure this colour suits me, I love it.

Lilac Mood
This violet pearl is amazing! I love the shimmery pearl effect with this deeper base colour.

This silver toned white gold metallic foil is 'Stunning'.

Let me just take a few moments to collect myself, for this polish collection is out of this world. The combination of colours and the pearly finishes make me so happy. Obviously Love Pink is a fave, but so is White Pearl and I actually love the frosty finish too, provided the strokes run evenly down the nail.

The whole Celestial Collection will be released on Friday the 26th May on the Models Own website (see above for individual prices). Don't forget to tag your pictures using the Celestial Collection with #celestialbabe.

It seems that now Models Own have released one collection, they're on a roll and I am one polish fan who doesn't mind one bit, keep em coming I say!

Let me know what you think about the Celestial Collection and the polish colours in the comments below. I'd be interested to hear if you're happy to see another unicorn themed collection (again, I say, keep em coming).

Vicky x


  1. Wow, those polishes are so shiny I feel like I need sunglasses! They are beautiful! I,love "stunning" and " white pearl"!

    1. They are, I was totally blown away by the shine! I love white pearl too, it's honestly so beautiful on xx

  2. I can't even pick a favourite, I love them all!

    1. Haha! Yup, these are so gorgeous! You'll just have to get them all xx

  3. Wow wow WOW! I did think that Models Owns collections had gone a bit quiet & samey of late but they are clearly back with a BANG! I actually LOVE that Peach frost & think it looks stunning on you! What a unique & pretty colour! And the lilac & pink...I NEED *swoons*

    Love Aysh xox

    1. Ah thanks my lovely!! Yes these are all so stunning and so different to a lot of launches out there right now. All the colours would look incredible on you, hope you get yourself a few! xx

  4. These polishes are so pretty hun!! Maybe frost will be the 2017 trend? First Jessica now MO xx

    1. Not sure frosty will overtake Chrome, but maybe. I for one love it!! You're right, who else is going to release a pearly collection - in too excited xx

  5. What a great PR package to receive. So many pretties to play with. I really like the packaging of these. Your swatches are so beautiful
    Tracy xx

    1. I was blown away and agree the packaging in a dream. Thank you, I worried I would mess up the swatches but thankfully I got the brush strokes in the right place! xx


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