Monthly Favourites - April 2017

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

As I sit here and write this post I can hardly believe that April is over, mainly due to these 2 reasons;
1. Because it's flipping flown by!!
2. Because I'm sat cuddled up in a blanket, with the heating on full and outside it's gray, wet and freezing.

Surely May heralds the start of warmer times, the onset of summer and the month in which we can get serious about wearing lighter clothes and maybe even leave our coats at home. I don't know what kind of 'Day After Tomorrow' craziness is going on with our weather but I want it to stop - now!

Nail Related Favourites

Favourite nail polish
This section is getting harder and harder to write each month, especially as I'm a nail polish addict and love all colours equally. Picking faves is a tricky business and I've had to expand my 'fave' to 3 polishes this month, I hope you don't mind.

Barry M - Gold Rush. Everyone knows I love a duochrome and this colour shift is too gorgeous not to appreciate again and again.

True Brit London - Sunday Best. Yes I know this is a classic choice for me (pink) but this shimmery goddess of a pink was true love at first sight!

Nails Inc - Rainbow Wishes. How could one of the Sparkle Like A Unicorn Duo not make this category! It was hard to chose between the 2 but I adore this polish so much!!

Nail art I’ve created this month
So I didn't manage to reach my target of 20 nail art designs again this month (damn it)! However 17 were created and I think yet again I managed to strike a nice balance between free hand, 3D accessories and stamping. 

My #clairestelle8april nail art designs.

All other nail art designs.

I couldn't pick a fave this month as there were just too many that I really loved! What about you?

Swatches I’ve done this month
Another busy month swatch wise and 52 individual swatches done (I actually have loads more swatched but that are on hold until May).

Favourite blog post I’ve published this month
Back in early April I published a post featuring True Brit London's new 2017 polish range. It consisted of 12 gorgeous shades and honestly, I have never come across such a luxurious or unique polish brand in all my years of swatching. I loved the colours I reviewed and of course now need all the others ... I have since been trying to win the lottery so I can buy up the full shop!

Favourite blog post from other bloggers

You should all hopefully know the lovely Marta over at Furious Filer, her nails, hilarious writing style and smooth photos are incredible and she is one of my fave nail bloggers ever. This post, full of bright polishes and glorious swatches is one I have a read a few times. If I had any balls at all I would file my nails like Marta's and invest in whatever camera and godly lighting she uses!

Rebecca is the queen of the gif and unusually swatches with her thumb on show (which I love btw). Her cuticles are worthy of being insured and I often drool over her quirky nail art style. She reviewed the long awaited Sofly collection from Models Own and while I waited for mine to arrive, I kept popping back to her blog to drool over her swatches.

Atima from Nemo's Nails is an excellent blogger and equally lovely lady. She recently reviewed this Beauty and the Beast collection and instantly I was in love with both the packaging and colours. It was so disappointing that these weren't available to buy in the UK but you can buy them from amazon, check out her post for a direct link.

Any new nail brands I’ve discovered this month
True Brit London were the only new brand I discovered that I blogged about so far, so I will save the others for May.

Any new nail care items I’ve discovered this month
I published a post a couple of weeks ago on Primark's £1 and Under Nail Care Essentials, and amongst the host of items I review, I discovered Strong Nails and Cuticle Oil (last 2 bottles in the picture), both of which are oils, both of which I highly rate. I have been using them non stop and love them!!

Non-Nail Related Favourites

Favourite moment in April
Lots of happy times for me in April including my bf's birthday, we celebrated with a BBQ (there was a rare bit of sun that day) and it was lovely to spend time with friends while eating some delicious food. I also surprised him with a trip to Buxton as his gift (he wanted to visit a brewery up there) and I finally managed to wrangle myself a visit to Chatsworth house. I need to visit the Peak District again and explore a little more as it's truly a gorgeous part of the country.

Favourite food
As it was Easter month and I have a massive sweet tooth, you may think there would be another chocolate fave, however you'd be wrong because while in Buxton I ate at a restaurant called Lonestar Bar & Grill and to say it was some of the nicest food I've eaten this year would be an understatement. I had nachos to start and immediately got massive food jealously over my bf's jalapeno poppers (which were delicious). For mains I had a burrito which came with some yummy wedges and a salad (I got rid of those olives asap - ugh) and my bf had ribs.

We had no room for dessert despite there being Oreo cheesecake on offer, and left feeling full to bursting. Since then I have considered doing the 4 hour drive most days just to eat here again! 

Favourite song
I'd be lying if I said it was anything other than Moana. That soundtrack is on constantly in my house and I'm always humming the tunes. This month I have been loving 'You're Welcome' but let's be honest, they're all incredible!!

Favourite book
I've really slacked with my reading recently. I've struggled to find a book or series that I can really immerse myself in. However I am going to make a real effort in May to correct this. If you have any fantasy/sci-fi books you'd recommend, then leave them in the comments below.

Favourite movie
So technically I watched this in May but as it's before this post went up, I am going to say that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 is my favourite movie of the month. If you haven't watched the first one you must and then get yourself to the cinema to watch this one!! Drax completely stole the show for me and yes, little Groot was totally adorable. If you do go and watch it, stay until the complete end as there are 5 post credit scenes.

I also need to mention how much I loved Brooklyn which I finally watched in April. I have taken to downloading and watching netflix movies while I have a bath and one day decided to finally give Brooklyn a try. Wow it was a gorgeous movie, slow, a little sad but incredibly well told. The costumes were stunning and the acting was brilliant.

Favourite TV show
Line of Duty was a show I only watched because my bf watched it, you know those shows that are on in the background while you're playing on your phone and surely over time the phone gets put away and you're completely addicted. It was brilliant and I loved how open the ending was. I haven't seen previous seasons, but you can be sure I will catch the next one.

So April is over and I am looking forward to what May will bring. As usual I have loads of lovely things to show you on my blog and I'm hoping that once the weather decides to 'buck up' I can enjoy lots more lovely walks, BBQ's and my summer wardrobe.

I hope you've all had a great April, let me know your fave bits below and please leave me recommendations of books and TV series I should try out.

Until next time

Vicky x


  1. I'm still loving the google eyed spring animals post- so stinking cute- and the lovely colors in your clairestelle8 Mandela mani. So rich and yet delicate at the same time! Also, that Rainbow Wishes polish... 😍😍😍

    1. Yes, they were cute, thanks. Actually pop googley eyes on anything and it instantly makes it better. Rainbow wishes is a stunner, it'll be a long time before I stop wanting unicorn nails x

  2. I love those Sweetie nails... they're amazing!
    Sounds like your boyfriend has a good taste in breweries, starters in restaurants and TV shows...

  3. Absolutely love your favourites! I love how many swatches you do, its crazy. Also line of duty series was amazing so gripping.
    Hayley - A Nail Polish Addiction xx

    1. Ah thanks Hun, I thought I did a lot of swatching but compared to some bloggers it's very low. Line of Duty was fab and I'm so glad I stumbled upon it xx

  4. Love line of duty too
    We watched them all on catch up and they are amazing! You have to see the previous 3 series! Buxton looked gorgeous and that food... yum yum.
    I love the Barry M duochrome. I think I'll be buying it xx

    1. Ooh it was so good, I will def have to watch the other series. Can't believe I've missed it all these years. Buxton is gorgeous and the food is still on my mind - too yum!
      I'd love to see you in the duochrome, it's very pretty! xx

  5. Wow! So I am a little bit behind with commenting on your blog posts. Sorry!

    I honestly don't know how you managed to narrow down your polish favourites for the month to only 3 polishes. That is an impressive skill! All gorgeous choices. And 17 nail art manis is still fantastic, even if it wasn't your goal of 20. There is definitely a great mix in there.

    Tracy xx

  6. Ah thank you, it's so lovely that you do comment when you have time. It means so much.
    It was a very busy month for swatching but I'm nearly past this number already for May! Nail Art is not so good - I need to do some proper manis soon xx


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