Primark Summer Classic Nail Polishes

Monday, 29 May 2017

Happy Bank Holiday Monday, have you all had a great weekend? I have enjoyed the 3 days and although the weather has been a little on the dreary side, I've loved it.

At the end of last month I showed you the Primark Spring Classic shades and now I have a new bunch of Classic shades for the summer for you to drool over. I usually wait a little bit longer between these classic posts, however recently they have released lots of new colours and I wanted to show you these before they disappeared, after all we know that things can vanish from the shelves of Primark, never to return again.

It's no secret that I am a massive fan of Primark's nail polishes and their classic range is by far my favourite. There is something about the colours, the bottles and the 

This beige creme has a weird green tinge to it and I have to admit this I don't love this colour. The formula was great though and covered the nail in 2 coats.

Arctic Blue
An icy baby blue creme that has a slightly thin formula. I needed 3 coats for full coverage.

Blue Crush
This royal blue crelly is so bright and so shiny. I applied 2 coats for this swatch, but feel a third would have covered my nail line a little better. However if you life the squishy look, stick with 2.

Grape Soda
This deep violet creme was so tricky to photograph so these swatches are not really colour accurate. Just know it's amazing in real life. The formula is gorgeous and I needed barely 2 coats for this swatch.

Raspberry Ripple
A rich raspberry creme polish that was perfect in 2 easy coats.

Vintage Silk
This shade looks similar to Raspberry Ripple in these photos, but it real life it's very different. I would describe it as a bright pink creme with neon coral tones. Either way it's a stunning polish and is another one that barely needs 2 coats.

Coral Pop
This peachy coral creme is a gorgeous option if you're not a brights fan. I needed 2 coats for this swatch.

Sunset Strip
A bright tangerine orange creme, this colour is a real beauty and it's another 2 coater.

If these colours don't get you itching for summer, I don't know what will. I think my favourite is Blue Crush but I'm also very smitten with Vintage Silk.

Thankfully I only picked these up last week so they should all still be available to buy from Primark stores nationwide priced at 90p each.

Please let me know what your favourite is and whether or not you've picked up any Primark beauties recently.

Vicky x


  1. Love primark polishes and these are no exceptions. I managed to get the neon trio at the weekend and can't wait to try them xx

    1. Ooh I hope you love those colours. The Neon Trio is gorgeous and def a bargain. I'll be keeping an eye on your IG for pictures xx

  2. I need to get these, I saw sunset strip and now am regretting not picking it up. I absolutely love grape soda and vintage silk too xx

    1. Sunset Strip is stunning, you should definitely try and grab a bottle & fingers crossed you can also pick up some of the others. They'd be great for nail art x

  3. So glad you managed to find moonshine for your collection. My fave is the pale blue and sunset stripe. You done beautiful swatches. Primark are reslly 'wowing' themselves with gorgeous polishes they are releasing xx

    1. Me too, even though I'm not super in love with it! I love the pale blue but prefer the deeper shades. Glad you like my swatches & yay for all the gorgeous colours!! xx

  4. I'm sure I make this same comment on all Primark posts that you do but they seriously are awesome! So many great colours. Gorgeous swatches as usual
    Tracy xx

    1. Ah thank you! I'm glad you can look on from afar and love them! cc


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