Princess Nail Lacquer Summer 2017 Collection

Thursday, 11 May 2017

PR Sample

Swatching for an indie company is something I feel very honoured to be able to do. I appreciate these small, independently run businesses do not have the same budget as the main stream brands for just handing out polishes willy nilly. You can imagine my surprise and delight then, when I received 3 parcels from Princess Nail Lacquer containing 12 gorgeous polishes.

10 of the polishes made up the new and upcoming Summer 2017 collection and it is those I have to show you today. Be prepared, this is a long post, containing lots of lovely polish pictures.

There are 5 cremes and 5 matching holos in this collection. I'm a massive fan of cremes and of course who doesn't love a holo, especially when they come in such a rainbow of colours.

The only point I need to make of these is that Ashleigh of Princess Nail Lacquer makes her cremes on the thick side. This means that you need to load up your brush with a lot of polish and wait for each coat to dry fully before applying the next. Should you need to double dip the brush, or apply a coat before it is dry, then you will smear and streak the polish. However if you follow my advice, you'll have perfectly smooth and glossy nails.

A pale lavender creme that applies beautifully and needs only 2 coats for full coverage.

A deep violet jelly base filled to the brim with scattered holo sparkle. I applied 3 thin coats, although 2 thicker ones would have been fine.

Close up with flash to show off the holo.

Pink Lemonade
An orchid pinkle creme shade (pink/purple hybrid) that needed 2 coats.

Summer Fruits
A deep orchid jelly that has a gorgeous scattered holo. I applied 2 coats for this swatch.

Close up with flash to show off the holo.

Too Much Tan
A coral tinged red creme that reminds me of the sun bleached cars of the 90s. I needed 2 thick coats for this swatch.

A soft red jelly holo that applied beautifully and needed 2/3 coats depending on application.

Close up with flash to show off the holo.

Cool For The Summer
A stunning jade green creme, again (like all the other cremes in this collection) it needed 2 coats for full coverage.

Time For A Dip
A matching jade green holo jelly. I needed 3 thin coats for this swatch and noticed that this has the potential to stain, so double up on your base coat.

Close up with flash to show off the holo.

This muted navy creme is another gorgeous 2 coater. I love the addition of a slightly less than typical summery blue to this collection and think the name of this polish is spot on!

Blue Lagoon
A sapphire blue holo jelly that builds up in 2 coats.

Close up with flash to show off the holo.

I'm a massive fan of this collection and love the fact it can be split into 5 matching duos. I think my favourite pair must be Too Much Tan and Sunburn, this shade of red is so warming and the perfect tone for the summer. However I adore them all, who wouldn't.

If you're interested in purchasing all or any of these polishes, they will be available from Sunday the 14th May over on Princess Nail Lacquer's website. The full collection of 10 will cost £60 and I'm sure you'll be able to buy the individual shades and possibly the duos too, so keep an eye on the website and Princess Nail Lacquer's instagram (@princessnaillacquer) for updates.

Oh and don't forget to use my discount code to get 15% off when you spend over £10 - it's POLISHLIST15.

Let me know your thoughts on these colours and if you have any favourites?

Vicky x


  1. How generous that a small independent company has given you these. These colours are absolutely stunning. The holos are just wow! Xx

    1. I know, it's such a lovely thing to do. I'm so into all these colours and the holos are def gorgeous!! xx

  2. Oh my Vicky what are you doing to me. I need all of these! This is the one indie brand I have been dying to try. I think I need Pink Lemonade, Time for a dip and summer fruits. Again beautiful swatches xx

    1. Thank you Hayley, all 3 are such gorgeous choices! This brand is amazing and they had a few Lacquer's in the sale that I picked up too! You should def treat yourself xx

  3. Gorgeous swatches! I love that this collection has a crème and holo version in each colour. They are so pretty
    Tracy xx

    1. It is a lovely idea and both the cremes and the holos are super pretty. I just wish I could capture holos properly! xx


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