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Saturday, 13 May 2017

PR Sample

Today I have a review of SensatioNAIL's latest product, the one step gel polish. You may remember at the end of March I reviewed a lot of SensatioNAIL's normal, at home DIY polishes. The quality, formula and range of colours are amazing and SensatioNAIL are one of my go to brands when I need an easy and long lasting manicure.

However, there were many steps involved in this system, with the process being identical to that which you'd get at a professional salon. Well since then they've released a one step gel polish, reducing not only the need for the multi step system, but also reducing the need for a separate base coat and a top coat. Sounds perfect!

I was sent an all in one box kit which contains an LED lamp, a nail file, an orange stick and a gorgeous gel polish in the shade Made Him Blush. This is everything you'll need for the gel manicure, making it almost fool proof and handy for those on the go.

The application process can be found below. As you can see you prepare you nails in a similar way and then go straight to applying 2 coats of polish. My only tip is to not overload the brush, gel polish is a lot stickier and thicker which means that applying it successfully is completely different to normal polish.

Made Him Blush
This cool toned baby pink is a stunning shade and the formula is very pigmented. I used 2 coats for full coverage and cured each coat for 30 seconds each.

I wore this for 11 days on my cinderella hand (which is the hand that gets a battering as I'm right handed). There was a slight dullness to the shine and on the 11th day I did noticed a couple of patches of wear. However 11 days of wear is amazing and if all the polishes in this range are as long lasting, it really will be a game changer for DIY at home manicures.

You can buy SensatioNAIL Express Gel polishes for £10 a bottle (10ml) here, or you can pick up a starter kit identical to the one I have for £34.99 here. You can also pick up SensatioNAIL products on Amazon and in Boots stores.

Are you a gel polish user? If so what are your favourite gel brands? Do you use SensatioNAIL?

If you haven't tried it, I highly recommend it.

Vicky x


  1. Oh wow! That's really good. Not sure it's soemthing I could do. I relay get mania but for someone who spends a lot at salons with worth a shot really. The colour is gorgeous and 11 days of wear is great. Xx

    1. Thanks, this colour would look fab on you and would be a great solution to your nail problems! I'll have to try you with a gel mani when you're down next xx

  2. I love this colour! It's so beautiful
    Tracy xx


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