2017 Birthday Wishlist

Friday, 23 June 2017

Hi everyone and happy weekend. I hope you have some lovely plans. Here in the UK it's actually cooled down slightly which for me is a good thing. In fact today has been rainy, grey and after catching up on a Christmas themed episode of New Girl and accidentally (cough cough) listening to a couple of Christmas songs while cleaning, I'm in a distinctly non-summer mood.

Today I have my second 'birthday wishlist' post. I did my first of these last year - see my 2016 Birthday Wishlist post here and as my birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks, I thought it time to do another. Like I said then, it's a little different for my blog, but these are the kind of things I will love looking back on, plus it also helps give my family and friends a couple of ideas of the kinds of things I am lusting after right now.

Harry Potter Gryffindor Paperback version of The Philospher's Stone - yes I have a normal copy, an illustrated copy and the Gryffindor Hardback version, but I would also love this version too.

Wispers - I am totally obsessed with Cadbury's Wispers, yum yum.

Moana Funko Pops - it's no secret I love Moana and these funko pop figures are too cute. I have a massive list of Harry Potter characters I'd love, but these jumped straight to the top when I saw them.

Marks & Spencer Rainbow Plastic Jug - I have a few of the rainbow plastic cups and would love this too, you know, for all the rainbow unicorn parties I will throw.

OPI Avojuice Coconut and Melon - I love the avojuice handcreams and find the pump top on these bottles so handy.

A New Wallet - I have a gorgeous Michael Kors wallet that my dad and sister picked up for me a while ago but I have been using it solidly for months now and am looking for another one so that I can swap the two and not ruin my beautiful present.

Breville Stand Mixer - My love of pink extends to all things in my life and as I like to do some baking occasionally, this mixer would be perfect. I did find this on Groupon a while ago and have a sneaky suspicion that the unopened box in our spare room may just contain this mixer.

Fantastic Beasts Blu-ray - no comment needed, I love this movie.

Glam Go - who doesn't love a pamper and these face masks are lovely.

Barry M Genie Lipstick - I have Neptune and Unicorn and love them both. I know at some point I also owned this version, but as with a lot of things, it's got lost in time.

Anything Cactus themed, including real cacti plants.

Marks & Spencer Madagascan Vanilla Fudge - My fave every chocolate bar, a standard birthday request.

Mugs and Candles are always a winner as far as I'm concerned.

As I said last year, I don't expect all or any of these things. They're just ideas of stuff I'm currently interested in. Although I didn't put any polishes on my list, I am hoping to get a few of the new Sparklea Nail Polish colours.

Let me know some of the things you're currently wanting. Is there something you've been given this year that you really love?

Vicky x


  1. Loved reading this post, hope you have a great birthday and get everything on this list! My wishlist contains mainly nail stuff and books but my birthday isn't till November xx

    1. Thank you, it's still a few weeks off yet but it's always fun to do. Love nail stuff and books, let's hope you get some of them for yours xx

  2. Oh, this is a fun post! That unicorn pitcher is gorgeous!! Also loving the mug. Recently I discovered the 365 5 year question-a-day journals and I'm in love with that right now. I've been looking forward to recording my answer each day and I always feel happy after taking the time to do it. Plus, the little journals are really gorgeous!

    1. Ah thanks. That pitcher is from M&S and I love the range, it's so fun & is perfect for so many girly picnics.
      I also have that book, I got it for Christmas from my mum and have filled it in everyday since. Can't wait until it's finished xx

  3. Aww what a great idea for a post! Loved reading your wishlist Vicky! And oh my god if I'm not running down to M&S as soon as possible to get me that fudge! I recently picked up a beaut mug from Matalan, gold polka dots & initialed so pretty! Hmm my wishlist...I wont lie, I've forever been lusting after a Louboutin nail polish, those bottles though!

    Love Aysh xox

    1. I'd like to say don't rush off to M&S because once you'd tried this fudge, you're addicted! However it's just too delicious!
      I have often looked at the Louboutin polishes but just can't get over the price tag, plus storing that beauty would be tricky! Xx

  4. Love this post! It definitely would be fun to look back on too. Hopefully you get a few of these things for your birthday :)
    Tracy xx

    1. It's just a little bit of fun on my blog amongst all the nails. I honestly won't mind if I get nothing, I think I just like making these collages too much xx


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