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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

PR Sample

Happy Hump Day, it's been very wet and a little chilly where I am today and like the weather, my mood has been a little blue. It's weird because I usually love days like this. Thankfully I know the cure; some chocolate, a hot bath and lots and lots of Harry Potter.

Another mood enhancer is polish and today I have a lovely new to me brand to show you all called Majique Ltd.

I was sent a personalised Large Gift Set priced at £22, which includes;

Nail Buddy
The Majique Nail Buddy is an ingenious invention and unlike other bottle holders I've tested, this one actual helps! It's designed to rest neatly on a flat surface or be held between the legs/knees, while the bottle of polish is held tightly in the middle. I tested out a variety of bottles and they all fit snuggly. I have used this a couple of times now and it's brilliant.

Crystal Nail File
For many years now I have favoured a glass nail files over the traditional emery board style. This one is lovely, works perfectly and at £3, is a real bargain.

All Majique nail polishes come in a lovely rounded bottle with a silver lid. The bottles have 11ml in them and are 5 free, vegan friendly and produced here in the UK. There is a range of 29 different colours and finishes, as well as 8 nail treatments.

This glitter topper style polish is gorgeous and reminds me of Models Own's Indian Ocean, except it's a little shearer. I used 2 coats over a pale blue base, no topcoat.

This orange toned red has a gorgeous gold shimmer which unfortunately doesn't really translate on the nail. I needed 2 thick coats plus topcoat for this swatch.

Summer Peach
This peachy pastel shade is lovely, however the formula was a little streaky and I did need 3 thin coats for application. Saying that it dried quickly and does look so good on the nail, that for me, the extra coat is not an issue.

High Gloss Top & Base Coat
This clear, shiny and fast drying top and base coat is a fab product. Although I can't help but love my normal Seche Vite more than this, it is a handy 2 in 1 bottle for when you're travelling or need a top up.

Overall I am very impressed with everything I have tried from Majique. The nail buddy will help me out for all those cosy, sofa painting mani sessions and the polishes are a welcome addition to my collection.

If you're interested in trying out anything from Majique you can shop their products here. FYI, they also have a special offers section on their website that has a host of bargains for you to shop from.

The lovely Bethany from B Nailed To Perfection also reviewed a large gift set (£22), however she was sent some different colours so her post is well worth checking out.

Until tomorrow,

Vicky x


  1. Love these colours, they look gorgeous on you. The nail buddy is such a good idea

    1. Ah thank you Zoe, I love the colours and the nail buddy really is amazing x

  2. Ooooh Irridescent definitely has those Indian Ocean vibes! What a nifty little thing, I think I need something like this, did you see my red nail polish horror film-esque mishap on IG with it spilling all over me? Yup someone as clumsy as me needs one of these I think!

    Love Aysh xox

    1. It totally does right! I didn't see your red polish mishap, it sounds terrible. I hope you didn't make too much mess! Maybe you should grab a nail buddy :) xx

  3. The blue glitter shade is BEAUTIFUL. Wow. Nice review.

  4. That blue! All your swatches are fab lovely and thank you for another mention. You are too kind xx

    1. Of course, I loved the colours you were sent and sometimes it's nice to cross link posts. The blue topper is amazing, I love it! xx

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