Monthly Favourites - May 2017

Friday, 2 June 2017

As we move into the last month of the first half of the year, I've decided to hold my hands up and resign myself to the fact that 2017 is moving far too quickly for my taste.

May has been a very busy month for me both personally and bloggingly and I think I may have hit a blog record in the number of posts I've published. I've really enjoyed working hard to swatch loads of new polishes, interacting and engaging with other bloggers on their blogs and on instagram accounts and creating nail art as and when I've had time.

Nail Related Favourites

Favourite nail polish
As always this is an incredibly difficult decision and having swatched over 70 polishes, it's made slightly harder.

Barry M's Lemonade from the SS17 Coconut Infusion Nail Paint Collection is a stunner, yes it's a tad out there and as far away from Pink as could possibly be, however I love it.

Models Own White Pearl from their Celestial Collection is one of those polishes you instantly fall in love with. I can't tell you why I love it, but I do.

Nails Inc's Acid House from their Rainbow Riot Collection is another colour, like Barry M's Lemonade, that is a tad out there for some, but for me it's perfection. Although I don't love the fact it needs many coats to apply, I love the finished result and so think it's worth it.

Lastly I must mention the gorgeous Blue Crush from Primark's Summer Classic Nail Polishes. This polish has a stunning formula, great shine and retails for only 90p a bottle!

I'd be interested to know what you're favourite polish from May was, leave it in the comments below.

Nail art I’ve created this month
So it seems I've been going a tad downhill with my nail art, the number of designs I've been creating has really dropped this month and I've only done 13 in total - 13 measly manis. I wish I could say it's quality rather than quantity that matters, but that def doesn't apply to these either. I must pick up my nail game next month.

My #clairestelle8may nail art designs.

My other nail art designs.

Swatches I’ve done this month
It's been a busy month swatch wise for me, 72 individual swatches in total. I think this may be the most I've ever done in a month.

Favourite blog post I’ve published this month
I think my favourite post of this month has to go to Models Own Sofly Collection. I know it seems like an odd choice, especially considering the fact that none of the polishes made my monthly favourites, however I was so excited for the launch of this collection and it didn't disappoint.

Models Own are one of my favourite polish companies and I had waited a third of the year for them to launch a collection. I was thrilled when it turned out to be full of brights and fell in love with the caps. I hope that we have many more collections to come from Models Own.

Favourite blog post from other bloggers
A Certain Becca Nails - Cupcake Polish Candy Land Collection
How I love Cupcake Polish nail polishes and Becca's nails. I have looked at this post many times as her swatches are glorious.

Truly Madly Beauty - NOTD Pastels & Rainbows
I fell in love with Aysh's gorgeous rainbow nails and this design immediately went on my 'to copy list'. I also just love her writing style and for picture lovers, her posts are a dream.

Any new nail brands I’ve discovered this month
I discovered a new UK indie called Princess Nail Lacquer. Although I was sent the polishes for the Summer 2017 Collection back in April, I waited until the launch date to publish, so technically I can claim this one for May.

Any new nail care items I’ve discovered this month
Although not tecnically mani care, the Voesh Pedi In A Box was an amazing discovery. With each box containing 4 separate sachets, designed for an at home pedi treatment and at under £4, this was an amazing find.

Non-Nail Related Favourites

Favourite moment in May
May was full of many heart bursting moments of happiness for me, however my favourite and most memorable is the weekend I spent celebrating my good friends hen do. Like me, she likes cups of tea, Disney, cheesecake, animals and food which made arranging her hen do activities simple. We started off by painting some clay pieces at an Artypotz studio, then went shopping for cake, had an afternoon of naps and met up for an Italian feast in the evening.

The next day we had an early start walking Alpacas, which was in itself lovely, but we also got to see a baby Alpaca being born. The rest of the afternoon was spent eating all the cake and drinking exotic teas at a Mad Hatter themed afternoon tea party, flower crowns not optional!

Overall the whole weekend was amazing and the perfect way to celebrate her upcoming wedding (of which I am a bridesmaid) in June.

Favourite food
Like many people across the country, I wait with baited breath for May to roll around. Why you may ask, isn't it obvious - it marks the start of the English strawberry season. Oh how I love strawberries; I'll eat them as they come, on scones, in a cheesecake but my favourite way is with cream and meringue. Yes I'm a big sucker for an Eton Mess dessert, although this year I'm sticking to light cream (so not as fun) and mini meringues, I am soon going to be a bridesmaid after all.

Favourite song
It may possibly be a tad boring to mention Moana here again - yes? Ok, I'll give you another favourite and for this we're reaching far back in time, because since watching Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, I have been loving Fleetwood Mac The Chain ... a lot. To be fair the whole Guardians soundtrack is amazing.

Favourite book
There's a couple of things you may not know about me and one of them is I can rewatch movies and reread books like a child does and after struggling to get back into a reading routine, this month I reached for my favourite ever series of books and started reading Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone again. The illustrated version. 

It was well timed because this year also marks the 20th Anniversary of it's first publication date. (excuse me while I go and weep because that makes me feel hella old) and to celebrate the big birthday, special house editions of The Philosophers Stone were released and I had to grab the Gryffindor Hardback version - it's just so pretty.

Favourite movie
I haven't watched that many, if any new movies this month and seeing as I managed to sneak Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 into April's Favourites, I'm going to have to go with Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince. It's my favourite movie, it's my favourite book and although (spoiler alert) we lose Dumbledore in it, I can't help but love it so much.

Favourite TV show
I have been loving Versaille, Grimm, New Girl, Brooklyn Nine Nine and have started watching The Handmaid's Tale, but top spot has to go to Agent's Of Shield. I have been watching this series for years, but this series in particular was amazing. Oh and Big Bang - gotta love Sheldon and Amy possibly taking the next step.

Now although May has gone by in a blur, I am happy to be moving into June and have so many exciting things to look forward to; most excitingly of all, my friends are getting married. Blog wise I also have loads of gorgeous polishes to show you and hope to increase my nail art numbers by doing some mani swaps over on IG.

Please let me know your faves, what you've been loving this month and if you are also a crazy HP lover (the boy, not the sauce - although I love the sauce too), what your fave book/movie is and also what house you're in.

Vicky x


  1. Omg some one else who watches Grimm! I love that show and I'm so sad it ended :'(
    My favourite blog post you did was probably the PNL or primark ones xx

    1. Yay! I love it, I've been watching it on Netflix and have just got to the end of series 5. I'm also sad it's ended, I've been really enjoying it.
      Glad you liked the PNL post, that was a lot of swatching I did xx

  2. I love your favourites posts, it's lovely to look back on the month so positively. And wow at all of your swatches! Barry M 'Lemonade' was a definite favourite of mine too.
    Also, thank you so much for mentioning my post in your favourites! xx

    1. Thank you Becca, I love writing them because it's so fun to read back! Glad you also love Barry M Lemonade, isn't it the most perfect colour xx

  3. I love Barry M Lemonade too!! Love reading your monthly posts. I also think this year is going way to quickly x

    1. Thank you lovely! Yes the year is flying by, before we know it, it'll be the winter again and your little girl won't be so little anymore xx

  4. Wow all of them swatches you have done this month that is amazing! I love your favourite posts! xx

    1. Ah thank you! Yes it was a lot of swatching!! xx

  5. Some fabulous favourites here Hun, that illustrated Harry Potter edition looks beautiful. I must re-read the series again I love HP, don't get to watch it as much as I used to though as my little girl says she's scared of the goblins 😂 Xx

    1. You must! Although the first few books are on the young side, I love reading all the details and missed points from the movies. The illustrated version is amazing and the drawings really help bring the story to life. Bless your little girl, they are a little frightening xx

  6. Awww Vicky! Thank you so much for the lovely mention, that honestly means so much! :) Your hen weekend sounded like BLISS & you KNOW I love me a good afternoon tea! If only you lived near me we could go for tea, cake & nail talk every weekend! Ooh Versaille did catch my eye on bbc iplayer but I never clicked too busy was I with The Last Kingdom, but now thats over *sob!* I'll definitely give this one a go. Haha I can rewatch my favourite movies hundreds of times, especially classics like Indiana Jones & Back To The Future & yes Harry Potter & LOTR of course! I haven't accumulated many newbies this month (trying to be good boo!) so I think my favourite nail polish this month is Models Own Indian Ocean, an oldie but oh so pretty!

    Love Aysh xox

    1. Oh that would be so lovely! You could bring your kitten over for play dates with my 2 and we could eat cake, do nails and watching historical dramas all day!
      Your blog is awesome and I love those nails! I still need to recreate them!
      Indian Ocean is a massive all time fave of mine! I need to get another bottle actually xx

  7. You have had an amazing month in May! And 70 swatches :O That is so crazy. You should be so impressed with yourself. How you managed to only narrow it down to 4 favourites is also extremely impressive. Looking forward to seeing what you do this month
    Tracy xx

    1. Thank you Tracy, I love your faves too!! It's such a nice way to round off the month. I'm excited for this month too!! xx

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