IZ Beauty of London - Festival Fever Collection

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

PR Sample

Today I have another gorgeous collection to show you from the amazing IZ Beauty of London. This UK based company not only sells loads of gorgeous polishes and nail art accessories, including Swarovski crystals, but also hair and beauty products too.

IZ Beauty of London's Festival Fever collection has more of a tropical vibe to me (when looking at the colour palette) compared to colours I'd associate with festivals. When I think of UK festivals I see green vegetation, brown muddy fields and lots of orange tinged beer/cider. However I fear that's me being picky, it obviously screams summer and I love it.

These bold cremes come in 4 gorgeously bright shades and like their spring collection, Blooming Beautiful, they all had lovely formulas and applied like silk.

Main Stage
This hot raspberry pink creme needs only 2 coats for full coverage. Now you now I love this polish, I honestly can't help myself around pink.

I'd describe this as a grape purple and it's lovely. Like Main Stage it needed only 2 smooth coats.

Dancing In The Rain
An aqua blue polish that reminds me of tropical oceans or rainforest lagoons. Like the previous 2 it needed 2 coats for full coverage.

Sold Out
This bright tangerine creme looks like glowing embers on your nails. I needed 3 thin coats for this polish, however look at that colour, it's gorgeous so I really don't mind.

Although I love Main Stage, Sold Out has to be my fave, that colour is amazing. But lets be honest, all 4 of these polishes are 'must haves' and I can see myself using each one as bases and in nail art over the next few months.

If you fancy grabbing yourself any or all of these, you can shop the Festival Fever collection here, with bottles priced at £6 each.

Let me know which is your fave colour and also your favourite festival (if you've been to any). I've been to Glastonbury once and that's it, I loved the festival but hated the camping.

Vicky x


  1. Gorgeous colours, my favourite is sold out as it's not like any other oranges I have. I've only been to small one day festivals but I'd love to go to download festival xx

    1. Sold Out is a real beauty, I love it so much. You should def go, It's always worth experiencing one proper sleep over festival xx

  2. These are such beautiful bright colors! I've never been to a festival, so I can't comment on that portion. Ha ha but I really love the orange and the pink!

    1. They really are so lovely. You're not missing much (IMO), biy I'm glad I've done one so I know that they're not for me.
      Vicky x

  3. I love Dancing in the rain. I also love the bottles! Great swatches x


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