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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

PR Sample

How's your Tuesday going? It's a little rainy and grey where I am and as usual, I'm loving it. I'm even a little tempted to ramp up the drizzle and pop some thunderstorm tunes on (I legit have a thunderstorm playlist on my spotify), just to increase the snuggily feeling.

Today I have a review of Models Own One Night Stand polish. You may have seen my swatches on Models Own's social media and email, I feel so lucky to have been asked to swatch this polish for them as it really is something special.

One Night Stand is so named because it is a mirror shine chrome polish that lasts perfectly for one evening. It's a bit like Cinderella; you get the shine, glitz and glamour for a few hours and then at the strike of midnight, it all disappears. Seriously watch your nails as the clock strikes 12, they turn into pumpkins (ok that bit is a lie, but it won't last days like normal chrome polishes).

Application - it is a little different so make sure you follow the 3 simple steps.
Step 1 - Onto clean nails, apply 1 smooth coat of their 2 in 1 base/top coat. This product has been specifically formulated for this mirror polish, so the fact the base and topcoat roll has been combined is not an issue.
Step 2 - Once this layer is dry you then apply the chrome mirror effect polish.
Step 3 - Wait for that coat to dry completely and then apply the topcoat. If you're going to go wrong, this is the step you will mess up. The polish needs to be completely dry or else the topcoat smears the polish and doesn't go clear.

A Few Hints

  • Shake the bottle and leave the polish to settle for a minute or so before applying. This allows any chrome lumps to settle at the bottom and not gather on your brush. If you find you're getting a lumpy finish, shake harder and leave to settle for a few more minutes before applying again.
  • When you pull the brush out of the bottle, leave it for a few seconds in the neck (you see the polish change slightly) and then apply.
  • Use as few brush strokes as possible per nail, this maintains a super sleek shine.
  • Adding another coat (once the previous one is dry), hides any nail imperfections.
  • If you don't add the topcoat, the mirror shine will rub off easily and it'll go grey.
  • If you try and use your own topcoat (e.g. seche vite), it instantly ruins the mirror shine, the polish kind of dissolves into the topcoat, and you have to start again.
  • I found an acetone based remover or pure acetone removes this polish much easier than normal polish remover.
  • It'll only last for a few hours, this is not called One Night Stand for no reason.

The One Night Stand mirror effect polish and the 2 in 1 base and topcoat will be available from Friday 14th July from Models Own website and via their shops priced at £14.99 for the duo.

This polish is honestly one of the most exciting products to launch for at home use. The mirror nail trend is going no where and without all the faff of no wipe gel topcoats, powders and burnishing, this polish really answers our easy to use prayers.

Let me know what you think about this polish and if you're going to get some for yourself. I'm currently thinking about how to use this in nail art. I don't think stamping with it will work, but I'm intrigued to try it.

Vicky x


  1. Wow, the shine on the polish is so gorgeous! I think it's amazing that they were able to get that high of a shine on a normal polish. Too bad it doesn't last very long, though! It really is lovely.

    1. I agree it's an amazing polish, and like all good things there's a catch. for me however, I'd only wear nails like this for a special occasion so it doesn't matter xx

  2. I love this I've been so excited to read this blog post since I saw the first pictures. Its a shame it doesn't last long, what colour does it go when it wares off? Xx

    1. Ah I hope it was helpful. I'm excited to read others reviews. It goes grey if you rub the mirror shine off or when it wears. It still looks metallic, just not shiny x

  3. OMG I can't believe how smooth it looks!! 💗 xx

  4. Your swatches are absolute perfection (as always) this polish is truly stunning and such a game changer for 'regular' nail polish, I love it, I'm just not sure I will buy it as I like my polish to last more than one night but we'll see, I may give in just for the novelty of it 😆

    1. The novelty is amazing and I know there will be a few times I'll happily rock this mani! I haven't actually wear tested it, maybe it does last a little longer than one night xx

  5. Oh wow how awesome is this? I definitely got excited when I saw the first pics of it, no more gel or powder palava! Sad that its so temporary, though as I change my nails so frequently then its not necessarily a bad thing!

    Love Aysh xox

  6. You've made this look amazing!! I'm not sure I'll be rushing out to buy this but it does look fantastic on you x


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