Monthly Favourites - June 2017

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Happy July. I have to say I feel a little foolish doing a June favourites considering I wrote all of 9 blog post last month, I also hardly did any nail art and my IG, Blog and general interaction on social media was very poor.

However I'd hate to look back at this month as a complete fail, there are so many amazing things I want to remember for June and so bare with me if you're interested and pop back later if you're not.

For those in the UK, we will remember June for it's gorgeous weather - it really has been a glorious month with some absolute scorchers. Luckily I live in a basement flat and so get to enjoy the hot days and then get to fall asleep in a cold room, snuggled in my duvet. Good job too as I desperately need my beauty sleep.

Nail Related Favourites

Favourite nail polish
This month I was swamped in beautiful brights and so it's only fitting that one of my favourite be a bold colour. Impervious Pink from Models Own Aquaproof Collection is my kinda colour and it just had to take top spot this month.

My second fave goes to Hera from Princess Nail Lacquer's Gods & Goddess Collection. This polish is so interesting to look at, gorgeous to wear and the combo of holo/shimmer/flakie is perfection.

Nail art I’ve created this month
So this month I managed a total of (drumroll) - 5 measly designs. It's almost like I wasn't trying. In fairness the #clairestelle challenge I usually take part in changed and I didn't fancy the prompts, so I was on my own, and without guidance I clearly can't be trusted. I did however manage to take part in a #cancerawarenesscollab created by Chloe of Tipped Off Nails and complete 1 out of the 2 #26GNAI tags. I really need to up my game in July.

Swatches I’ve done this month
Like everything else in June, the amount of swatching I completed was very poor. I only managed to get 19 polishes swatched. However prepare yourself for some serious swatch spam in July, as I have so many amazing polishes to show.

Favourite blog post I’ve published this month
My favourite post was the Models Own Aquaproof Collection for a couple of reasons. Firstly they're out of this world stunning and the caps are so cute and secondly I was lucky enough to be asked to swatch these polishes for Models Own social media and their press release. Now I know I am not the best swatcher, or anywhere near the top of UK nail bloggers, so it was a real honour. As you all know Models Own is a favourite brand of mine and so this partnership is amazing on so many levels to me.

Favourite blog post from other bloggers

Bethany from B Nailed has the most gorgeous nails and swatches these Jessica colours to perfection. I love her creative stamping manis, flawless images and writing style.

Alice rocks shorties like no one else and the negative space drip nails she created for this post are both yummy and genius. She has such an amazing talent for nail art that I sometimes think about chopping my nails off in the hope I may gain a smidge of it.

Atima is a true lady of the nail polish world and I love everything she does. Her swatches of these Annika polishes are stunning and her trademark glitter gradient nail art design is dreamy.

Any new nail brands I’ve discovered this month
The only new brand I discovered this month was Majique Ltd, an amazing UK brand which produces a whole range of nail items including an amazing device called the nail buddy. I would def recommend you check them out as they produce some really lovely items which can be purchased in gift sets - the ideal present for any beauty lover in your life.

Any new nail care items I’ve discovered this month
Nothing that I have posted about yet but I have got an amazing post on some True Brit London nail care items coming soon. I will leave you with 2 words - Strawberries and Cream!

Non-Nail Related Favourites

Favourite moment in June
June was the month one of my good friends got married, so of course my favourite moment has to go to her wedding eve party and wedding day (you may remember in my May 2017 Monthly Favourites that I mentioned her hen do).

The wedding eve party was unicorn themed and myself and the other bridesmaids decorated the house, made unicorn cookies and a cake and dressed up in unicorn onsies. I even bought little unicorn horns for her dogs (they're Hungarian Pulis if you're interested and the most beautiful dogs ever). We drank pink lemonade, ate loads of pizza/cake/marshmallows and sat in the garden chatting away until it got dark and we got very sleepy.

The wedding day itself was one of the hottest days we had in June and was held at a gorgeous venue in north Hampshire. The bride looked stunning, like a true fairy princess with her gown and pink/purple curly hair. The wedding breakfast was afternoon tea themed with a strong nod to Alice in Wonderland's mad hatter tea party and the food was delicious. I ate lots of cake, cheesecake and cheese and drank prosecco and gin until I was tipsy enough to get on the bouncy castle.

The day really was perfect and I know that I'll have a hard job matching it when and if I decide to get married.

Favourite food
Despite the vast amount of pizza and cake I've eaten the past month, my favourite is taking a slightly healthier turn. I have been enjoying a lot of fruit and yogurt for breakfast, and so my favourite is going to the humble Pink Lady apple, which I like to eat cut up with strawberries and a Muller Light most mornings.

Favourite song
My favourite song of June is Ed Sheran's 'I See Fire' because it was my friends first dance song at her wedding. I loved it as a first dance song, it's so romantic and makes me incredibly emotional. It also reminds me how much I love the Hobbit movies, I need to have a marathon asap!

Favourite book
Last month I read the Illustrated version of Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone, so it was only natural that I pick up and read the Illustrated version of Chamber of Secrets. I love these Illustrated versions and can not wait until Prisoner of Azkaban is out in the Autumn.

Favourite movie
Although I have had a slow month nail wise, I have actually seen a few new movies. My favourite of the bunch was Wonder Woman. From the moment I watched the trailer I was super excited for this movie, I love the fact the main character is a kick ass woman and Gal Gadot looks incredible in every scene. The story itself is well told and although the movie was long, I didn't feel it dragged (I'm looking at you Captain America) and I can't wait to see more of Diana in the upcoming Justice League movies.

Favourite TV show
Poldark came back this month for it's third series and I am loving having something warm and cosy to watch on Sunday nights again. I have also majorly got into The Handmaid's Tale (how amazing is this series??) and although I was sad to see Versaille go, it's given me room to start rewatching Outlander series 1 again.

So there we are, another month of 2017 ticked off and we are now officially in the second half of this year. I am going to try and hold off the Christmas chat as long as possible, but give it another couple of months and they'll be no stopping me. For now I am excited for lots of things coming up in July; Game of Thrones, visiting my family, Game of Thrones, my birthday (the 19th) and hopefully lots more sunny weather. Oh and did I mention Game of Thrones!!

I'd love to know some of your favourites from June and what you're excited for in July. As always leave me Netflix recommendations as I'll need a lot of tv to watch while I work my way through my swatch pile and create 1000 nail art designs (jokes, I want to get to 20).

Vicky x


  1. Some great favourites there Hun, I'm swatching the models Own now and I love them! That breakfast sounds good I'm on a healthy eating kick atm so I'm always happy to get some more ideas. Totally agree with you on Wonder Woman it was awesome, they did a really good job on it hopefully justice league will be just as good xx

    1. Glad you're loving the Models Own polishes, they're so beautiful! I'm def on a healthy eating kick but I'm still having a few treats every now and then. Glad you liked Wonder Woman, I'm so excited for Justice League xx

  2. Aaaaah your friends wedding looked like perfection Vicky and so much fun! And OMG her doggies! I said to myself I'm going to try & be good with polishes next month but we all know that's not going to happen... I'm so happy Poldark is back, isn't it great so far?! And my month was MADE when I discovered Outlander was starting on More4 as its been on my must watch list for ages! I've started watching Orphan Black on netflix after my aunt recommended it & its AMAZING! Definitely watch it!

    Love Aysh xox

    1. I will most def watch Orphan Black, I need some new shows! I hope you're enjoying Outlander, I seriously need to watch series 2.
      Maybe give yourself a small polish budget and that way you can still get a few, but not go crazy! xx

  3. Even though you didn't post much on your blog last month, the posts you did do where really good. My favourite post of yours this month was the models own one as those colours where just gorgeous! xx

    1. Thank you, I love the Models Own one too so I'm glad you do too. Have you managed to get hold of them? xx

    2. No not yet, I'm really annoyed that Superdrug stopped stocking models own as I don't like to have to pay delivery and I don't have a bottle shop near me so I'll probably wait until the temptation gets too much or ask for it for my birthday/ Christmas xx

    3. Ooh me neither, thankfully they do have the free delivery over £15 now but it's still annoying. These are much cheaper in a store so maybe someone who lives near one can get it for you, if not, Christmas is coming up soon :)

  4. I always enjoy your Favorites posts! The unicorn outfits and the dogs gave me such a smile. And, I'm still drooling over those gorgeous brights. It's funny, we always wish we did more when looking back don't we...will we ever do enough? LOL Thanks for sharing all the music and things you're into too -- I've found some new stuff thanks to you. ;)

    1. Ah thank you my lovely lady. I'm such a fan of brights too, I have loads more to post this month! It's true that we always feel like we've never done enough, I'm always so hard on myself. I'm glad you like these posts, I'm sure in years to come I'll be glad of these little reminders xx

  5. I absolutely loved the Models Own blog post, such amazing polishes. I also need too get my hands on some princess nail lacquers as they look stunning xx

    1. Ah thank you, yes the polishes were amazing. You'll love Princess Nail Lacquer, they do so many gorgeous colours xx

  6. Love your monthly favorites posts! Thank you very much for the mention too.. I loved those Jessica shades! Your friend's wedding looked amazing! Can't wait to see all your amazing swatches in July xx

    1. Thank you so much & you're welcome. Those Jessica shades were gorgeous! The wedding was such a highlight of the month so it had to be included! I'm excited for July too, roll on lots of fun polishes (& our mani swap) xx

  7. ALWAYS do a favourites post! I skipped a month on IG once upon a time and I hate that I don't have a favourites post. Please I really love reading your favourites posts. They inspired me to do my own.

    I love your polish picks. They would have been mine as well. And I love your rainbow gradient with those Jessica polishes. It's perfection!

    Tracy xx

    1. Ah thank you Tracy, I'm glad to hear you like reading them. I'm a massive fan of yours, I may have to add in some of your genius ideas to my posts eventually!

      The rainbow gradient was a rare success and I love that you love the colours I picked! We are so similar xx

  8. I love the water nail art you did, it's so amazing. Congratulations on swatching for models own (despite what you say, you are one of the top nail bloggers ever and your swatching is just amazing), that's really exciting. The wedding looked like loads of fun! I love a wedding!


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