Monthly Favourites - August 2017

Sunday, 17 September 2017

So it's technically closer to October now than it is to August, but I just couldn't move on with my blog without writing my August Favourites post. It isn't going to be long and there isn't much nail stuff to roundup, but I hope you can forgive me.

No one ever tells you how much the death of a relative will impact your life. It's obviously heartbreaking, but you also tend to become more delicate around others and more appreciative of the love that you have left in your life. It also shifts your priorities and for the last few weeks I have been focused on myself, my boyfriend, my family, my cats and my home.

However I know that if my dad were still here, he'd be asking me why I wasn't blogging, why I wasn't posting to IG and if I were ok. So in honour of him, I am picking up my favourite hobby again and I feel an equal sense of relief and joy that I still have it to fall back on in times when I need some personal alone/therapy time.

Nail Related Favourites

Favourite nail polish
Like last month, this decision has been made easier by the fact I only posted 10 swatches. However I did a lot of behind the scenes swatching so September (or whats left of it), will be full of new polishes and blog posts.
Anyways, my favourite polish this month is Princess Nail Lacquers Peridot from the Birthstone collection. Ashleigh creates the most beautiful polishes and this green flakie/glitter beauty is a must have.

Nail art I’ve created this month
I have created 4, yup, 4. Oh dear. However I have a few mani swaps lined up and I am also going to go hard on the autumn/halloween nail art again this year, so stay tuned.

Swatches I’ve done this month
Like I mentioned above, I posted 10 polishes this month. Oops.

Favourite blog post I’ve published this month
When you've only posted 2 blog posts, it's not hard to pick. However I think that even if I had posted 20, I would still pick Barry M's 35th Birthday Nail Polish Collection as my favourite. As you all know, I'm the biggest Barry M Nail Paint fan and any new release from them gets me so excited.

Favourite blog post from other bloggers
I have been seriously slack at reading other blogs, so I plan to correct that this month and catch up with all my favourite nail bloggers.

Any new nail brands I’ve discovered this month

Any new nail care items I’ve discovered this month
I know I had something I wanted to put here, but for the life of me I can't remember what it is.

Non-Nail Related Favourites

Memorable moment in August
The 1st of August would have been my dads 54th Birthday, however I was sick in bed all day (summer colds are the worst and I have now had 3 of them over the last 2 months). I remember I rang up and arranged his funeral the day before and was so happy that he wouldn't be in a hospital morgue for his Birthday.
But my memorable moment goes to 2 separate dates, so bear with me as I chat though them.

7th August 2017 - My Dad's Funeral
Although we went with a remarkable funeral directors, I made a lot of the bits for the funeral myself. I wrote the Order of Service, picked the music from my dads most played songs on his phone and created a couple of memory boards (all with help from my Sisters). The funeral service itself was as lovely as it could have been and although it was obviously hideous to see a coffin that contained my Dad, it was lovely to see just how many of his Naval and work colleagues came along to remember him. I remember tearing up a couple of times but I refused to let myself cry (I was too scared I wouldn't stop).

The wake afterwards was strangely refreshing and it was really nice to chat with loads of his friends. I also handed out bags of Jelly Babies to everyone, as my siblings had each given him 3kg bags for Fathers Day and we still had 6kg to get rid of.

9th August 2017 - Goodbyes and Hellos
This was the day I finalised everything at my dad's flat, finished moving my sister into her new place, collected my Dads ashes and drove home. One of the things that surprised me with the death of a loved one, is just how much there is to do. You have to let everyone that person knew know, sort organ donation, register the death, sort a funeral, clear out their property and sort through belongings and if that wasn't enough there's the estate and usually the will (my dad didn't have one). 

The reason this was a memorable day to me, is that from the 15th July (Dad's death) until this day, I was none stop busy. I did pop back to my house a couple of times and on the second I was sick for a couple of days. But apart from that I was busy every single day getting everything sorted. I don't know if this was a good thing, but looking back it helped me come to terms with the fact my Dad was gone, even though my brain was mentally trying to disregard this truth. Being involved in every aspect of 'sorting' helped me say goodbye to my Dad in hundreds of small ways. Once everything was done, my Sister Sophie and I went for a huge carvery before heading to her house. When it came time to leave, saying goodbye to my Sisters was hard, but collecting my Dad's ashes and bringing them home with me (he rode in the boot of my car), was comforting. On the Thursday he went into hospital (13th July), after I did his washing up. emptied his bin and hung some washing, he said to me that he needed me to move in and look after him. So I'm just glad that I can now watch over him until the day we take him to Vegas and scatter his ashes there.

Favourite food
Jacket potatoes are the most cosy and delicious food. I ate many of them in August and love them served with vintage cheddar, smoked ham, salad and sweetcorn. I know as we move into Autumn and the evenings turn colder, I'll be eating so many more of them. Let me know your fave spud toppings below.

Favourite song
Mumford & Sons - Holland Road.
This was my Dad's favourite Mumford song and was the music we walked into his Funeral to. Although it makes me cry every time I hear it. I love it because he loved it so much.

Favourite book
Colour of Magic by Terry Pratchett. 
I claimed all of my Dad's Discworld books when I sorted out his flat (the ones I didm't have), because we were both such massive fans of them. We would always buy each other the new releases each year and then discuss the books after we'd finished reading it, so as soon as I organised them on my bookcase, I decided I needed to start the series again. My favourite books are those centered around the Witches and Death. however my Dad loved the Watch. If you're also a fan, let me know your fave book below.

Favourite movie
I finally sat down with my boyfriend and watched Arrival in August and OMG I loved it. It was beautifully done and so clever. I love an intelligent sci-fi so again, let me know if there's any I should in the comments below.

Favourite TV
Game of Thrones! Bloody hell how awesome was this last series? I was at a BBQ on the bank holiday Sunday and as we drove home (around midnight), we decided to stay up and watch it. To kill some time we stopped at McD's, grabbed some food and then came home, snuggled up and watched the finale at 2am. I have no idea how they'll wrap everything up in a single series, but I can't wait until we get to see it.

Phew, I can not tell you how happy I am that this post is now written. I have been thinking about doing it for weeks and now it's done, I feel like I can draw a line under the emotional Monthly Faves and carry on with my colourful, polish filled life. Also, if anything is going to make me feel better, it's the upcoming Autumn (and then Winter) season. You bet I've already been shopping for halloween bits, picked up some new knitwear and possibly browsed all the sites for Christmas bits. Yes I know it's too soon for some of you, but for me, it's never too early to say goodbye to Summer, especially this year.

Thank you again for sticking with me throughout everything the last couple of months, I hope you know it's much appreciated.

Vicky xx


  1. LOVely post hun, I've been all about the jacket potatoes lately too :) swatches are beautiful as always xx

  2. What a lovely post. So amazing you are going to scatter your Dads ashes in Vegas! Also I think it's lovely that you made memory boards for the funeral, must have been lovely for your family to see. Sorry you've had such a tough few months. But sounds like you are such a kind and caring daughter, your Dad must have been so proud of you xx

    1. Thank you so much LL, the summer really has been the worst and I know that it's going to be a struggle for years to come. However I know I am lucky to have been left with so many amazing memories of my dad xx

  3. Dad's funeral was perfect and so personal. Vic, you were amazing doing what you did. And I'm glad he's being looked after. Ale sure you give him a dust every so often. I would feel so comforted if he was here. I miss him so so much. I don't know the Terry pratchet books but I'm here to listen if you want to talk about them.
    I too keep listening to Holland road. It's a gorgeous song, and dad loved it very much. Bittersweet is the only word for it.
    Love jacket spuds (as did dad). Cheese, ham, sausage, tuna mayo, yum yum. Not st the same time of course lol. I remember getting jackets in Portsmouth with you and the kids and we sat in the park and ate them. It's funny how food holds such memories xx

    1. Oh Charl, next time I visit I'll bring him down with me to say Hi. Although he'll come back with me, can't take the risk his box is tampered with and we won't get him to Vegas. He'd be happy thinking of us planning that trip. I remember that day so well, how weird to think that while we ate those spuds, dad was still with us. Dads last meal (which he didn't eat) was a jacket spud. Poor dad xx

  4. Such a lovely post, again I am so sorry for your and your family's loss. He would be so proud of a beautiful post. xx

    1. Hayley that's so lovely of you to say. Thank you so much xx

  5. Such a lovely post hun and I'm glad you've found your fire to write again 💗 your Dad will be so proud of you. I can't wait to see what manis you have in store! Xx

    1. Thank you, it's a little all over the place right now but it's slowly returning. The next few months are my fave so hopefully that'll help xx

  6. I thought I had commented but clearly not 😂 I can't remember what I typed the first time so I will start again. My favourite post you did last month was the princess nail laquer one and I love the nail art you did especially the yellow with leaves as it's perfect for summer xxx

    1. Ah thank you so much Zoe, those leaf nails were so fun to wear. Yes Princess Nail Lacquer are gorgeous and there'll be plenty more from them soon xx

  7. Love this post Vicky! You are such an incredible person and have so much strength. Your Dad will be so proud of you xx

    1. Thank you Tracy, at times I feel like I have so little. But I try again each day and I could never lose my blog/nails, knowing how much a fan he was. It's whats keeping me going xx

  8. Beautiful post Vicky, you've been so incredibly strong, your Dad will be so proud of you. Welcome back, we have missed you! Oh goodness I now have a mighty need to eat nothing but jacket potatoes for a week! My brother was a religious Terry Pratchet fan...I'm ashamed to admit I never ventured into that world myself...maybe I will rectify this!

    Love Aysh xoxo

    1. Ah thanks, I have missed you too. I am planning on eating a jacket potato tonight, they're the perfect food for these rainy days.
      I know Pratchett isn't for everyone, but I really love them xx


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