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Monday, 25 September 2017

PR Sample

Hello and hope you all had a lovely weekend. I spent my weekend visiting family (both mine and my boyfriends) and although I now feel exhausted (anyone else get that way after seeing lots of people), it was such a brilliant couple of days.

Today I have a slightly unseasonal post for you. As you're aware by now, I have the great privilege and pleasure to swatch for Ashleigh over at Princess Nail Lacquer. Recently she re-released a 4 piece creme collection, one that I was so excited would be returning. These I Wanna Be A Care Bear Colours are just my cup of tea and I remember feeling very sad that I had discovered PNL too late to grab these polishes when they originally came out.

Take Care Bear
This warm toned lavender is such a stunning creme. It needed 2 coats for full coverage, no topcoat.

Cheer Bear
This warm toned medium pink creme is another perfect 2 coater, no topcoat.

Love-A-Lot Bear
This is a bright pinky toned coral creme and again, it's smooth and opaque in 2 coats (no topcoat).

Birthday Bear
This pale amber toned peach is so pretty and I often find myself being drawn to these type of shades. Again it needed 2 coats, no topcoat.

What a beautiful little collection this is and as soon as you know it's Care Bear themed, the colours bring to mind fluffy bears instantly. My favourite is Birthday Bear, however, all these colours are ones I love! Like super love.

If you're interested in buying the I Wanna Be A Care Bear collection, you can head over to the Princess Nail Lacquer website and pick up the 4 piece for £22. Use POLISHLIST15 for 15% off your purchase.
At the time of posting, Ashleigh only has Birthday Bear in stock (£6 per bottle).

However you can always join the Princess Nail Posse facebook group and pester her to make some more. Even if you're not interested in these colours but are a fan of PNL colours, you need to join the facebook group,  not only does Ashleigh share sneak peeks, ask for naming help and ask our opinion on suggestions of new colours, she also asks what older colours we'd like re-released. Lets not forget that other PNL fans frequently share their hauls and pictures, it really is a lovely group.

Let me know your favourite unseasonal colour to wear in the autumn, I'm always partial to a pastel creme.

Vicky x

Ps - sshhh!
Since the re-release of these polishes, Ashleigh has curated a second batch of Care Bear inspired polishes and although the release date is set for sometime after Christmas, I myself am very excited for them. Unlike this collection, the cremes take on a cooler tone and the blue/green/yellow colours are so fresh, perfect for the start of a new year.

Head over to the PNL facebook group for updates.


  1. Great post and swatches. I always wear unseasonal colours so I would definitely wear these in autumn! My favourite is birthday bear too but I don't know if it would suit me xxx

    1. I am sure it would, it's the kind of polish that would suit anyone with enough confidence to wear it. I like wearing seasonal colours but I tend to wear whatever I want to regardless of the season xx

  2. Aw lovely swatches! I love the colours, very care-bear-ish! Ha x

    1. Thank you and I agree, they fit the theme so well xx

  3. Lovely shades shown in beautiful swatches! My eyes go right to Love-a-lot, but they're all so pretty...

    1. Thank you so much lovely lady, yes Love-A-Lot is gorgeous xx


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