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Sunday, 15 October 2017

Sundays are made for relaxing and that is exactly what I have done today, I am the queen of being lazy and I'm loving it. Some days you just have to tuck yourself up in your home and stay cosy. I had a gorgeous cooked breakfast, a nap, caught up on X Factor, done a couple of household chores, swatched a little and planned my meals for next week.

Now I know that doesn't sound super chilled, but I feel so rested today and I think a lot of that is because I'm feeling quite prepared for the week ahead and I'm finally making waves into my massive swatching pile.

Today I have Primark's French Trio to show you, something the sharpest amongst you will know I said was coming soon ... back at the end of May. Ooops, see above the queen of lazy speech.

Now although I picked this up many months ago, it's still on sale in stores now, along with the Bronze Trio (which was the first I showed, the second was the Neon Trio which I haven't seen for ages). I also have a Nude Trio, Mineral Trio, Goddess Trio and Glow Trio, coming soon - I promise!

Inside the Trio you get everything you need to do a DIY french manicure. I have also swatched the 2 colours on their own just to show you that you can use the polishes as solid colours if you want to.

Base & Top Coat
This base and topcoat is not great, I found it didn't quite dry as smooth and shiny as my fave Seche Vite and made my nails look awful in a picture, so I added a coat of Seche Vite over the top. I'm not really a fan of French Manicures, but when I do wear one (which is never) I do quite enjoy the simplicity of it. But as soon as I had finished, I couldn't stand it, and improved it by adding some spider and web decals.

French White
A basic white creme that is good in 3 coats. I think if the brush on this was a little better quality, it would only need 2 coats.

Millennial Nude
This colour is lovely, but as it's a jelly, it takes coats and coats to build up to full opacity. I think I applied 4 coats in the end and then stopped. Thankfully however this polish is perfect for it's main role in creating a French Manicure.

Like the other Primark Trios. these have no names, so the ones above are just ones I've given these polishes for my blog.

Now I can't remember how much this cost exactly, but I remember it was the most expensive of the Trio's possibly costing £3. Would I recommend you buy it. no. However if you want a French Manicure set to practice the technique with, it's a good cheap option.

If my review has somehow persuaded you to buy this, it's on sale in Primark stores nationwide. But I'd honestly grab one of the other Trios as these really don't show just how amazing Primark polishes are.

Let me know if you're a fan of French Manicures, I'm always on the look out for ideas to jazz one up.

Right, I'm off to make a jacket potato for dinner (classic) and snuggle down and watch X Factor and Victoria. Have a lovely evening.

Vicky xx


  1. I'm not a fan of French manicures either but the nude looks gorgeous on it's own. I've seen people do a kind of French tip which is more of a gradient so doesn't have the harsh line- I can't think what it's called it might have been a French fade. xxx

    1. Ooh I love the sound of a french fade, I will def have to give that a go. Thanks for the tip xx

  2. I have never managed to do a decent French mani on myself, I love the one you've done here x

    1. I am sure if I tried to do the other hand, it would be a hot mess. Although irl this was a little clunky. Haha, it really is a big faff doing a french mani xx

  3. I'm not a massive french mani fan either (I don't think I've ever actually done a proper one on myself), but I love how you've added the spider decals to make it a bit more interesting! xx


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