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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

PR Sample

Happy Hump Day, hope you're all having a lovely week so far. I wanted to get this post up yesterday, however as it was World Mental Health Day,  I took some time to myself, had a cosy evening and enjoyed watching The Bake Off with my bf.

As you know Halloween is fast approaching and although I don't plan on doing anything specific for the day itself, I love carving a pumpkin, getting some spooky tealights and duh, eating all the themed sweets/cakes in the lead up.

It's also another holiday/celebration that us nail obsessives can go to town with, and so far I have showcased 2 indie halloween collections and today have another couple to show you from the lovely Ashleigh over at Princess Nail Lacquer.

Sparklea Nail Polish - Goosebumps Collection
Danglefoot Polish - Whodunit Collection

... so if you haven't seen those posts, pop over and have a read.

If you have, read on.

This year, Ashleigh has created 2 Halloween Trios and as usual, they're gorgeous.

Freddy Kruger Trio

This blurple jelly base is packed full of shifting flakies. The blue flakies give this polish an almost duochrome look and the red/green/gold flakie sparkles, really make this polish something quite magical. The formula of this is on the thick side and I needed 2 coats for full coverage.

A blood red base full of holo sparkle and fiery red/orange and glowy green/blue flakies. The formula of this polish is gorgeous and needed only 2 coats.

Elm Street
A black jelly base with the same holo sparkle as Springwood but with a massive increase in the fiery red/orange shifting flakies. This polish reminds me of burning coal embers and is very mystical. A perfect halloween choice and again, needed only 2 coats.

Holo-Scream Trio

Don't Panic
The holographic and multi coloured shimmer combination in this polish is insanely beautiful. The nude base ensures that the holo shimmer standouts. 3 thin coats for full coverage.

Haunted Forest
An emerald green jelly base full of micro silver flakie glitters and a holo shimmer (which isn't obvious in the photos because there was no sunshine when I took the pics and the flash just put the biggest glare on the pictures). Now I'm not going to say the 'C' word, but I mean, come-on. it screams it and I know that once Halloween is done, I'll be wearing this for 'you know what day'. 2 coats for full coverage.

The Night Shift
The midnight blue jelly base is full of blue/purple and silver flakies with a gorgeous holo shimmer. Like Haunted Forest, the holo doesn't show on my swatches thanks to the lack of sun, however it's so sparkly irl and I can't recommend it enough. 2 coats for full coverage.

If you're a member of the Princess Nail Posse Facebook Group, then you'll have seen these pictures. If you're not a member, pop over to facebook and join it. Ashleigh is always posting her ideas, pictures, release dates and a bunch of sneak peeks, it's the place to go if you're a fan of PNL.

Both of these collections will be released on Friday at 5pm from the Princess Nail Lacquer website priced at £20 per Trio.
There is also going to be some prototypes for sale, in limited quantities, again sneak peeks can be found on the Facebook Group.

Remember to use the code POLISHLIST15 for 15% off when you spend over £10.

Let me know your favourite polish for Halloween and whether or not you're planning on picking any of these up. I will not be showing any more Halloween collections but I do have lots of autumnal polishes waiting to be swatches.

Vicky xx


  1. Nice to see you're getting back into posting regularly. I don't really do anything on Halloween but I do like to get into the spirit of it (and when it's over we are another step closer to Christmas!) I hope to wear some of PNL daughters of triton collection this month and next month as they are great colours for autumn. Loved this post xxx

    1. Thank you Zoe, I am loving it again. Plus I have a lot to catch up on so it's nice to tick a few collections off my to do list. I am too excited for Christmas but I think the lead up is the best bit. I haven't got any of the Daughters of Triton collection so I'm a little envious xx


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